May I speak with Mrs…insert any name that telesales add!!

Fourteen Years and Still they call
You would think by now, I had heard them all
But every week, another rears its head
Causing my telephone line, to go dead….

I am of course talking about the wonderful world of telesales, which seems to takes up half of my telephone calls these days!

Now I understand that all of these people that ring me are just doing their job and I do feel slightly guilty that whatever they are trying to sell me is not going to happen, but it is extremely annoying.

The ones I have real problems with, are the ones that phone either very early in the morning at the weekend ( our house does not stir until after 9am) or the ones in the evening, with eight people in the house it is  a) extremely noisy and I have trouble hearing them and b) usually the time when I am trying unsuccessfully to put the little ones to bed, which is usually the exact moment that the telephone wakes up the baby.

We have lived in this house for nearly six years and the previous occupants were here for over 20 years, however I am constantly plagued by phonecalls for Mrs London or Mrs Goffin, but when I say there is no-one of that name living here, they then start trying to sell me something, so actually I might just as well have said yes I am that person, because they are going to take up at least 10 minutes of my time whilst I politely say no thankyou, regardless.

Over the years, my wonderful husband has adopted certain tactics to pass the phonecall.

~ He has a long debate with them about the weather in their part of the country/ world.
~ He tries to convince them to take a holiday in East Anglia and tells them places of interest to visit
~ He hands the phone to the youngest member of the family
~ He answers their questions with a question, which can go on for ages!!

I, on the other hand, just leave the phone on the side and wait until they give up and try someone else.

Although, sometimes it is my own fault, I enjoy entering competitions and I am hopeless at ticking the no communications boxes, so on occasions I have had a very excitable person ring me congratulating me on a FABULOUS holiday, however they are not quite so enthusiastic when I reply “How wonderful, a free holiday for eight of us, amazing” they quickly stutter, umm and ahh then say, “Unfortunately we are only able to accomodate four” to which I reply “So I haven’t won a holiday, because I only enter for ones that take all of us, I couldn’t possibly leave four children at home!!” funny enough the line usually goes dead….

I did nearly miss a fabulous win, when a lady telephoned to say I had won a Batfa Goodie Bag, worth £2500, I was very close to saying “excellent” and putting down the phone, luckily she was no nice and bubbly I probably would have spoken to her without the prize, which, incidentally was real and also amazing.

Although after all of that I DID actually swap my electricity supplier last month, from a telesales call, but we were looking to change and he just happened to ring at the right time, so I am not that awful to telesales people, honest!

I received a very funky trimphone for posting about telesales. All words are my own, true and honest opinion and East Anglia really is a lovely place to visit.


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