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February 18, 2013Mandi Morrison

We will remember the summer of 2012 with many things: The Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the warm sunny days and of course the Hollywood Baby season, marked by the pregnancies of a lot of Hollywood stars. I would like to focus more on how our favourite stars pulled off the maternity look!
1. Siena Miller. The prize for the best dress mom goes to the lovely 30 year-old actress. The more her pregnancy progressed the better she looked! Maternity definitely left its mark on her, but in the most amazing way. “This is very exciting!” commented Siena Miller on her first pregnancy.
2. Reese Witherspoon. In the summer of 2012 Reese was expecting her third child and, maybe this is one reason why she looks so confident even with a huge baby bump like this one! She looked radiant in her form fitting black dress as she was going to a family dinner. What more can we say, Reese can definitely pull off any maternity outfit she puts on!
3. Megan Fox. Worshiped by men and envied by women, Megan Fox has a reason to be proud of her good looks, even during her pregnancy. The 26 year-old American actress and a model, continues to be casual and sexy even in her final trimester with her floral patterned dress.
4. Shakira – Not long ago, on January the 22nd, Shakira gave birth to her first baby son Milan (meaning: “loving”,”dear” in Slavic). The 36 year-old singer proves my suspicion that black is definitely a trend among the famous moms.
5. Kate Middleton – And finally, what the world has been expecting to see for a long time – a royal baby bump. Kate Middleton has done extremely well with almost every outfit she wore in public. Are you curious yet, how she will do with the maternity outfits? I am definitely excited!
Of course, we have all heard about the pregnancy glow and its effect on mums-to-be, but there are a lot of factors, why these women look so gorgeous with their growing bellies. The secret hides in their outfit. Not only the outfits are beautiful, which they are, but they also must be very comfortable, complimenting and allowing freedom of movement. According to New Look, in a statement describing their new maternity line: “Mums-to-be should look as fabulous as they feel!” If you want a maternity fashion tip, here it is: Find clothes that do exactly that and most of all, try to enjoy every bit of your pregnancy!

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