MAM Baby Cutlery Set

Tyrus has now reached that age, where he has started to be more independent and loves to `feed’ himself.

As he is baby number six, I am so much more relaxed about letting him try things for himself, and I have to admit the days of cleaning baby after every mouthful and ensuring they wear a head to toe bib are long gone. (although I am not sure if they were ever really there!!)

He sits up at the table for every meal with the entire family and he eats pretty much everything that we do.

Yesterday was Barbeque Chicken Pasta….

I was very kindly sent a Baby’s cutlery set from MAM.

This set is from 6 months upwards and consists of three very sturdy pieces, that Tyrus is able to grasp very easily. The knife has a slightly serrated edge, meaning that I can actually use them to cut up most of his food, without using my own!
The fork prongs are strong enough to pick up pieces of food and the spoon isn’t too deep that he is unable to get the mashed potato off of it!!
This set has a RRP of £5.99 which I think represents great value for money and he will be able to use this for quite a while yet, probably until he moves onto a child sized proper knife and fork set.
The handles are a lovely texture and the rubber on them means they are easy to grip, even when covered in food.

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