Make Your Kids Scream With Delight When You Choose One Of These Awesome Days Out

If you’ve got a school break coming up, then you may be wondering how to keep your little loves entertained at home. Of course, you don’t have to stay at home at all! Why not book a mini break away? Or you might be interested in a fun-packed day to delight the kids and give the parents a well-deserved day of fun too. There are plenty to choose from. Whether you stay close to home or travel to another continent, try one of these fun ideas for Days Out with Kids.

Theme Parks

These days, you don’t have to drive far to find an enormous theme park. They offer more than you can possibly fit into a day. Best of all, there really is something for everyone. Themed shows, illuminations, and adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster rides offer fantastic days out with the kids. And it’s something your kids will love! Many stay open very late. And most have on-site accommodation so you can do it all again in the morning! Gone are the days of vending machines and coffee stands. You can now enjoy full-facility restaurants offering menus to suit all tastes.

Days Out with Kids Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Our little planet has a lot of incredibly beautiful beaches. But when you’re with your kids it’s usually best to look for ones that are guarded. You also need to choose beaches that have healthy water to avoid nasty bugs that may make your little ones poorly. There is plenty to do on the beach as well. Of course, you might just be relaxing! Many promenade areas have little cafes and restaurants offering refreshments. You can take a bucket and spade to enjoy making sandcastles, and a ball can offer hours of fun as a football, volleyball, or even water polo!

Animal Park

If your little ones love animals, why not take them to a zoo or animal park? Some are like safaris. This means you can drive your car through the park to see some of the animals up close. If marine life is more your thing, you can take the whole family to a marine wildlife sanctuary or something like a SeaLife Centre. Some offer personal experiences with the animals. Centres that offer conservation rely on donations to continue their good work, so it’s worth making the most of photo opportunities they may offer.

Days Out With Kids Brown Bear at a wildlife park

Activity Center

If you and your kids are really active people, you might choose to take them to an activity centre. There are bouncing centers that offer jumping castles and trampolines. There are climbing centres that test your physical strength as you ascend rocks and trees. There are water parks that let you slide, swim and play in the water too. Some are woodland based, others are situated on the lake. You might choose an equestrian centre or maybe a go-kart centre. With so many choices, it might be tricky picking the one you’ll all love the most!

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (and even spaceships)

If your little wonders enjoy transportation, then a museum or collection could be a fantastic day out. Ride a tram, take the bus, or maybe take a simulated flight in a fast jet! Of course, the Space Centre could be an out of this world adventure for your mini astronauts. Museums often offer kids the chance to learn more and be engaged in activities that support their school curriculum. They’re certainly not boring, and there are always plenty of things to ride and play with at places like this.

National Park

If you’re looking for some fresh air and amazing vistas, any one of the world’s incredible National Parks could be perfect. And there are plenty right here to explore as well. You can add an educational spin to your day out. Look for different plant and tree species. Try to spot some birds or wildlife. Or maybe you’re setting the family a challenge to hit your 10,000 steps in a day. Some of these parks offer facilities to camp. A night out under the stars could be the perfect end to a wonderful family day out.

Cycling Tour

For the family that loves the outdoors and keeping fit, why not get on your bike? A bicycle-themed day out could be the perfect thing for the whole family. You can explore new places, and enjoy a single activity all together. There are wonderful cycle routes all over the country that you can try out. Many take you across lovely landscapes. Make your route circular so you can get back to the car, or even all the way home at the end of the day.

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