I LOVE supporting Mums!


Two and a half years ago, I undertook my training to be a Peer supporter, and I LOVE it!

I am very fortunate that our local Social Enterprise has an entire breastfeeding team, consisting of Practitioners and LOTS of volunteers.

The Peer Supporters help out at all of the baby cafes in the area, we give new mums support on the postnatal ward, central delivery suite, the midwifery led unit and neo natal within our local hospital (anywhere that you will find new breatfeeding mums and their babies)

There are a team of us that are currently trialling a home visiting scheme, which has to be my favourite part, I feel such a sense of achievement for both myself and the mum, when we have shared the beginning of her breastfeeding journey. It is lovely to see both mum and baby grow in confidence and know that you have been part of that special time.

So I would say, if any of you are considering training to be a Peer Supporter, don’t hesitate, just DO IT!



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  • Viv C

    June 25, 2014 at 9:12 am

    my husband

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