Love Your Jewellery? Don’t Forget These Four Things For Keeping It Safe


They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but to be honest, the entire jewellery collection has to come in a close second. Anyone with even the vaguest sense of style knows the importance of accessorising, and our jewellery collections are the physical embodiment of this knowledge. From antique cameo brooches handed down through generations, to cute, brightly coloured perspex statement pieces, our collections are usually eclectic, to say the least. But we want to keep them safe – from the teeny teardrop earring, right down to the elegant string of pearls, they’re all important to us. Here’s how to keep them all safe and beautiful.

1. Get acquainted with it

Your jewellery has different needs, security requirements, and even cleaning needs. Getting to know your jewellery ensures that you keep the right pieces locked away in safes and lock boxes – you don’t want to become a target for thieves. Knowing the difference between your cheap and cheerful costume jewellery and your pricey family heirlooms, means you’re able to treat them accordingly and ensure their safety. Keeping your fashion jewellery separate from your fineries, such as pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, and antique brooches, is just good practice.

2. Consider An Investment

Jewellery is the perfect gift to pass down to future generations, antique and vintage jewellery if taken care of and cleaned properly will last a lifetime and can be treasured by grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond! I have a very delicate charm bracelet that my grandmother gave to me on my 18th birthday, my nan had been collecting charms on the bracelet since she was very young, I can remember sitting for hours when I was little, fascinated by all the different little pieces on three strands of a giant bracelet, I have not allowed my own children to play with it, as i’d like it to stay in good condition!

3. Get it insured

Any jewellery you own that is of any significant value should be insured by someone who knows what they’re talking about. Visit a specialist with your jewellery to get it officially priced in order to ensure it is insured for its full value. A jewellery specialist will be up to date with current gold and diamond prices, meaning they are in a better position to discuss its value than some insurance specialists. While you always hope that nothing will ever come to your beloved collection, it’s far better to be safe than sorry.

4. Choose appropriate times to wear it

Knowing when to wear the antique pearl necklace and when to break out the H&M fake is all part and parcel of keeping your jewellery safe. It’s mostly common knowledge – an elegant restaurant date, a wedding, or another family occasion is a good opportunity to wear the fine pieces, where there is little to no risk of loss or damage. A nightclub, on the other hand, is probably not the most appropriate time to break out the diamond earrings, and a fun piece of costume jewellery might be more suitable – and far less likely to end in heartbreak too.

5. Keep it clean

Keeping fine jewellery clean is important for its longevity – taking off tarnished layers makes it less likely to break or be ruined beyond repair. It’s also important to clean all pieces of jewellery which come into contact with your skin for hygiene reasons – dirty jewellery can cause irritation if worn for too long. Ensuring you use the correct chemicals and cleaning processes is important – get it wrong, and you could ruin the piece completely. For any pieces which are a bit pricier, consulting a specialist is the best course of action.

The most important things to remember about keeping your jewellery safe is to treat them well, keep them clean, and remember their importance to you.

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