Lottie Biggs Is Not Tragic Review – A Perfect Teen Read

March 7, 2012Mandi Morrison
Here are the top five things that we will miss about the Lottie Biggs series:
– The casual and infectious use of the word ‘ridonkulous’
– Gareth Stingcombe and his manly thighs
– Winnie, the wisest chinchilla in all of Wales
– Justin Timberlake knickers

Lottie Biggs is (not) Tragic is the third and final book in the fantastic series that has captured the hearts of readers of all ages across the country. Written with the wit of Louise Rennison and the depth of Jacqueline Wilson, this has been the journey of Lottie Biggs, a very small teenage girl from Whitchurch, Cardiff. There are no vampires, werewolves, trolls, pirates, spaceships or ghosts. Just Lottie, and her hilarious, completely captivating voice. We have experienced the trails, tribulations, ups and downs of Lottie’s very REAL LIFE. . . complete with hair dye, rugby playing boys with manly thighs, older sisters, mental health problems, best friends, divorced parents, part-time jobs and of course, Justin Timberlake knickers.
In the last book of the series, Lottie is in the midst of an existential crisis. Her mum’s all soppy over a bloke with a horrible shemo* daughter, and her pal Goose has developed a severe case of Nerd rash. Time to get out of Cardiff and hit the road with the gorgeous Gareth (and his manly thighs). But things don’t go exactly to plan…*a female emo, obviously

Xene adores these type of books, so was very enthusiastic to read the complete series of three books in as many days. They must have been good, because she didn’t put them down and I did have to draw the line at her reading whilst eating her dinner!
Her thoughts on the books were that they were hilariously funny and a truly typical teenage girl read, she is nearly fourteen and I asked which age she thinks they would be most suitable for and she said definitely thirteen upwards, as I skimmed through one book, the  words I saw his giant sausage lead me to believe that yes they are for her age and above!!
They certainly seem a popular read, as all of her friends at high school have either read, in the middle of or waiting to read the three books.
I would definitely recommend the series for any teen girl in your family, I am sure they would not be disappointed.

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