Little Bird Told Me – Baby Bear On Board

Just before I had Viggo the lovely people at Little Bird Told Me asked if I would like to review one of their Baby On Board products. I have never had one of these in my car before, but I had always thought about getting one, but never got round to it, with seven children in the car most of the time, I decided to see why everyone has one of these in the car!
The one that I chose was a cute little baby bear, here he is…
I think you will agree he is rather sweet and much more fun than just a sign saying Baby On Board.
Little Bird Told Me have lovely Baby On Board Signs but this one is definitely my favourite, so how did he hold up in a car with seven children all trying to tug and pull him down or swing him as hard as possible…

Back window was good until I opened the boot!!


He didn’t fit very well on the side windows as they have tinted glass, so you couldn’t see him, the back window was great until I opened the boot to get the pram out and he fell on my head, so he now has pride of place on the side window at the front of the car, the surface has to be free of any dirt for him to stick well, but once he is on, it is a hard job to get him off!

His new place at the front of the car

This lovely sign is just perfect for letting the world know we have a little one on board, reasonably priced and a little different from the other signs with just words. The website Little Bird Told Me has some gorgeous items that will definitely be on Viggo’s Christmas List, and I can’t wait for him to get bigger, I have my eye on one of their fabulous Rocking Horses…(Too expensive and time consuming for a real one just yet!!)

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