Lion Back Pack from Kiddies Kingdom

When we are out for the day as a family, I am always conscious that Tyrus has no concept of danger, it was never a problem when he was younger because he would just stay in the pram, partly as he didn’t like to walk and partly because it was his safe place.

Now that he is older we are trying to encourage him to get out of the pushchair and explore, although we always have the pushchair in the car if it all becomes too much, he is getting much better at exploring, but he does have a tendency to either sat down on the floor and refuse to move or run off at 100mph, so we discussed that the best thing to do is to have a small back pack that has reins to clip on Tyrus if we feel that he needs it.

He also loves to carry things, such as a small bag of sweets or a bag of crisps, so a small back pack is ideal.

Kiddies Kingdom got in touch to find out if we would like to review something from the website, they have a huge range of baby products, but, sadly we have now outgrown them, however I was drawn to the travel section and I noticed a Lion Back Pack from Red Kite with a strap that you could attach at the top or bottom of the small back pack, and priced at only £9.95 we were keen to try it out.

We gave it a test run at Bewilderwood, and it was  a huge success, every time we have been out since, Tyrus has asked if we have the Lion, whenever he is feeling a little wobbly about something, its sort of become a kind of security product.


The back pack clips at the front easily, and I love the fact you can clip the strap to the top or bottom of the backpack.

Our thoughts:

A very simple, lightweight back pack that does exactly the job it needs to do, at a brilliant price.

We are also great fans of the Little Life Toddler Backpack for Viggo

We received the backpack in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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