LA Rams Could Win SuperBowl In 2019

The Rams missed out on their shot at the SuperBowl last season. It wasn’t exactly a narrow defeat in the end, but the fact that they made it that far showed that the team truly are up there with the best. A recent analysis by NFL’s Adam Rank suggests that the Rams are ready to pull it off this time around.

Despite the outcome at SuperBowl LIII being not all that fans hoped for, this was the first time that the Rams have represented the NFC in the event since SuperBowl XIV. This is a time that has had awesome results since moving back to LA from St Louis in 2016. This season they could be the stars of the show.

Overview of 2018 Season

The 2018 season saw the Rams win 13 games, more than any other LA team in the NFL, ever. The Rams came second on both yards and points, and are now the defending NFC champions.

Among the most impressive and enjoyable games to watch was the epic showdown with Kansas City Chiefs. The game yielded over 1,000 combined yards and a total of 14 touchdowns. Rams eventually came out with a tight 54 – 51 win. All that on a Monday night… it doesn’t get much better for fans.

Sean McVay was the man responsible for the offensive tactics that stunned the league. The Rams ran the most 11 personnels out of any team, over 90% of their snaps. The unorthodox grouping included one running back, one tight end and three wide receivers, and resulted in some of the best offensive play in the league.

Of course, the highlight of the Ram’s season was making the SuperBowl. There’s perhaps no better achievement, other than winning it, which unfortunately the Rams didn’t manage to do.

The best moment became the worst moment, as the Rams became more like rabbits in the headlight against the New England Patriots, in what was the lowest scoring NFL SuperBowl game in history. The Rams only managed two touchdowns in the first half, and star players like Todd Gurley seemed to be nowhere to be seen.

Rams were held to just 3 points and a total of 260 yards, and the offense that they have become known for never kicked into play. They lost 13 – 3. Though this was by no means their greatest performance, it has created a high expectation of what the Rams are capable of in 2019.

The 2019 Season

Rams fans will be looking for a SuperBowl win this season

Make no mistake about it, expectations from fans and analysts alike are running high. The Rams have the team, drive and therefore the potential to make it happen this season. They are a potential pick for the NFL SuperBowl 2019, and the NFL themselves point it out in their ‘State of the Franchise’ analysis.

The pressure is on for the Rams. Los Angeles’ teams have been getting to the championships rounds and losing out since 2014 now, and that’s a long time in these parts. The Rams have to be able to deal with these expectations and make them a reality.

Offensively, they are probably the best team in the NFL, though they may have to mix up their strategy a bit this season. Defensively, there’s a lot of room for improvement. The Rams were ranked 19th in defence and 20th in points allowed in 2018, even after bringing on board fresh talent like Aqib Talib and Marcus Peter.

Defensive capabilities come from Aaron Donald, one of the Rams’ best tacklers and a dominant player on the pitch, arguably one of the team’s greats. Greg Gaires also joins the defensive line, and has a mean tackle himself. In the 2019 season, Jared Goff should continue to play a key role. He was first draft in 2016, and after a doubtful first season at the Rams he has now developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He has thrown 8,492 yards and scored 60 touchdowns in his last two seasons.


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