#Kitchentales with The Morrisons and Fairy Platinum

Our Kitchen sees quite a lot of action. We have family mealtimes most evenings, and whoever is at home for lunch, we eat together at the table.

When we moved into our house six years ago, it had an old barn attached to it, when we bought it, someone else took on the Barn, meaning we had to split the property, this involved lots of plain boring fences to make the divide.

For the last six years we have been planting various bushes and shrubs to get rid of the fence panels, and this year we have finally succeeded in covering them.

All of the views from our kitchen look out onto various parts of our garden, I love coming don in the morning for a peaceful cup of tea and looking out onto the garden.

new baby birds!
View from the window by the sink
childrens play area
view from the window by the toaster
Rose bushes gone mad!
View from the sink window above the baby birds
Chicken Gathering
Chickens gathering on the patio for breakfast
Lots of greenery
View from the Kettle Window
garden shots
Fences have disappeared!

Our kitchen is extremely busy, with nine hungry mouths to feed, there is always TONS of washing up, thank goodness we have a dishwasher, or I would spend my entire day at the sink!!

Before I tried Fairy Platinum, I must admit I thought all dishwasher tablets did the same!! How wrong was I….

These really did make my glasses shine, and the roast dinner trays sparkling.

Super tablets!
Super tablets!

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