Kid’s bedroom design and decorating – make it & love it

Your kid’s room might just be the most important room in the house. Think about it; this is where your kid will grow up, and the environment they’re surrounded with can have a lot of effect on their development. Designing and decorating your kid’s room with style is essential if you want them to grow into confident and strong adults. With a little inspiration and motivation, you can even make most things yourself, thus effectively saving money and having fun in the process.

1. Chalkboards for the win!

Chalkboards aren’t only for the classroom. There are plenty of ways you can make use of a chalkboard inside. If you place it in your kid’s room, they’ll heave a whole space designated to creativity and organization.

You can teach them how to plan their day and keep an agenda, which will help them stay on top of their schoolwork and their work later in life. You’ll also get rid of the annoying habit of drawing on the walls. If you put the chalkboard on the wall, the wish and need for doodling will be fulfilled and you’ll have the best of both worlds- clean walls and a happy child.

2. Multi-functional furniture is the future

We’ve all had to deal with putting too much in a small space. Small rooms are harder to decorate because you have to be efficient while also not completely throwing style out the window. Multi-functional furniture is the solution all parents have been waiting for.

The bed can now be part of the closet, thus saving you a lot of space and giving your kid room to play, for example. Not only is multi-functional furniture cool and space-saving, but it also makes the room feel much more comfortable. There’s no fear of claustrophobia when you have enough room to move around and breathe.

This layout can turn the room into a fun puzzle your kid will love to solve over and over again. No matter how old they are, their intelligence needs to be challenged in order for them to grow. An inquisitive room makes for an inquisitive child.

3. Use the walls as the base only

More often than not, parents focus all their attention on creating amazing wall art and painting the room in their kid’s favourite colour just to make the room more stunning. 

We all know how often kids change their minds. Just because they liked something this week doesn’t mean they’ll like it the next. That means that the walls should be used only as a base for all creative ideas, and the use of Wall Stickers may be the solution

4. Focus on the floors

The floors of your kid’s room are as important as any other part of the room. Without putting an emphasis on the floors, the whole room can feel empty and incomplete. You’ll want to get a hold of some creative and interesting kids rugs, maybe consider Vinyl Rugs

Whether it’s the shape or design that piques your kid’s interest, it’s going to light up the room and tie it together. It’ll be much more comfortable for your kid to play in their room, too. After all, they won’t have to sit on a hard surface for hours now.

You’re directly contributing to developing their creative skills as well as to the interior of the room.

5. Papier-Mache it

Papier-Mache is a great way to teach your kids how to use their hands with good. Not only does the process allow you to create the most amazing pieces of décor by yourself, but it can also teach your kids about being more eco-friendly. Use old paper and materials to create your innovations and recycle in the process!

There are tons of Papier-Mache projects for kids online, and you can build almost anything together. Let them decide on the project and simply guide them through the process. One free afternoon can be spent doing something productive and nurturing your child’s confidence and creativeness. Who knows, this might be an awesome hobby they’ll carry into adulthood.


The room your kid grows up in will be one of the things they remember for the rest of their lives. All the precious memories they make in their room will be thanks to the effort you put in. Make sure to include your kid in the planning as well as the making and decorating. This will make them form an emotional bond to the room and build your relationship along the way. You can be the fairy godmother they always read about and give them the castle of their dreams.

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