Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby and Mum

This post  is all about the Benefits of breastfeeding, not just for baby for for Mummy too!

If you saw an advert on television for a ‘super’ product that could – 

protect your baby against ear and chest infections, lower the risk of Diabetes , give them less chance of allergies, better mental development and mouth formation, straighter teeth and prolongs their natural immunity, firstly you wouldn’t believe the advert, secondly if it did exist that it would cost a fortune…

But the truth is, there is such a wonder liquid, and it is COMPLETELY FREE.

Breastmilk is actually able to do all of that, and more, it is readily available for your baby, 24 hours a day, on demand, without any need for extra equipment or safety instructions, literally there on tap.

Likewise, if you saw an advert for mums that could lower the risk of ovarian cancer, pre or post menopausal breast cancer and give you stronger bones later in life, you would rush out and buy it immediately, but you don’t have to because you as a mum produce it yourself and provide for your little bundle.


I have breastfed all of my children up until 18-24 months, with number seven on the way I shall definitely be doing the same.

Not only does breastmilk provide all of the above, but it tailor made just for your baby, like nothing else, it doesn’t have to be mixed with anything, it is at the right temperature and consistency, no extra equipment is needed, just you, your baby and an pair of boobs 
(well maybe a good nursing bra and breastpads, if you are anything like me, I seem to have enough milk to feed the entire population!! and breast milk has a tendency to squirt out at many different angles!!)

It also helps mums to lose their baby weight quicker and doesn’t cost a penny, think how many pretty outfits you can buy for baby with all the money that you are saving.

If you are pregnant and considering breastfeeding, I would say Go for It! At least give it a try, it has so many benefits, for both you and baby, try to set yourself little goals, one breastfeed at a time.




21 thoughts on “Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby and Mum”

  1. Nice post hon – great to see someone else with a handful (and more) children who has fed them all for a good while each 🙂

  2. It’s amazing being able to help my little boy deal with the pain of molars coming through, through the simple act of breastfeeding. Yes, it can be hard going at times but I wouldn’t give up this amazing parenting tool for the world!

  3. I think for me the biggest benefit is the money we’ve saved and can spend on other things, we’ve had big period of unemployment and being able to feed the baby and not worry about whether we can afford to has been very reassuring

  4. For me it is fulfilling everything I am designed to give, and everything my baby is designed to receive…

  5. I don’t agree that these things are benefits to breastfeeding. They are risks of not breastfeeding instead, as it is the biological norm.

  6. I suffer from a lot of allergies along with asthma and eczema, so I love the fact that by breastfeeding my little girl I can hopefully protect her from suffering the same.


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