Is It Time to Upgrade Your AC?

You’ve benefited from the service of your HVAC system and now need to take better care of it. As frequently as we use our HVAC systems, there are many ways for them to malfunction. However, not every occasion calls for a complete replacement of your unit. Proper maintenance can address several issues before problems escalate to the point of a replacement. Your first step is to ask, “How is your current unit functioning?” Record that data and share it with a ready technician.

How Old is Your Unit?

The age of your unit dictates how you should care for it. Don’t let your HVAC go unattended if it has 10 or more years. By the time it hits 15, it requires maintenance. A decrease in reliability is more apparent after 15 years. The good news is that today’s technology is worth the upgrade.  Newer models last for 25 years without trouble. The age of an older unit leaves it vulnerable to breakdowns and without modern features to help. Don’t try to force an old, outdated unit past its point of no return. Be sure to think about what age will mean when you’re buying a new unit.

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How Reliable has Your System Been?

The daily use of your HVAC unit results in a specific character. You’ll notice it in how your HVAC system behaves. If its performance is declining, you shouldn’t rely on time to correct it. You have a real issue when you can’t achieve the right temperatures. A steady noise in the house means that repairs are likely in order. If your vents are releasing a foul odor, then your next step is to call for professional help. A unit that’s performing unreliably suggests that you need us.

How Much Money are You Spending?

An upgrade to your HVAC unit is the simplest way to reduce future costs. Efficiency is what drives modern heating and cooling technology. From saving space to eliminating large tanks, these modern tools improve our comfort. Knowing when you need an upgrade is the key. If you can’t recognize the clear signs for a complete overhaul, then you might find yourself without heat entirely. One of the leading indicators of a real issue are increasing energy costs. A higher service bill happens when your unit is working inefficiently.

How Frequent Are Your Repairs?

Make your final decision based on the difficulty that you’re living with. None of us can be faulted for wanting to manage our costs as they come. It won’t help, however, if you ignore the necessity of a change entirely. Eventually, constant repairs and maintenance will sustain the performance of a unit, which can drastically delay the cost of a replacement or the need for one. 

If you’re tired of constant repairs and have reached the point of no return on an old HVAC unit, it may be time for an upgrade. The work is simpler than you might think, so don’t hesitate in contacting a technician today.


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