Is installing a Professional Kitchen A Step Too Far!!

You know the ones I mean, think Masterchef when they go and work in proper chefs kitchens, with lots of different stations for serving. I am in no way saying that my cooking is anywhere near a Masterchef (Think more mini chef) but I do love the fact that they have so much space, My kitchen is a good size, with a double oven and a hob with four rings, but there never seems to be enough space to cook everything, so I find myself doing parts of the dinner in shifts!

Christmas Dinner is particularly challenging, we usually have anything from 12 to 20 people, which requires LOTS of different elements of dinner preparing. Vegetables alone could fill my hob and double oven, but even on a ‘normal’ meal day with nine of us, I struggle, so I have been thinking of different ways to enable my oven and hob to be slightly less used. One idea I love is a combination microwave oven this would allow me to cook the Roast without having to use half of my oven, I love my Slow Cooker but a chicken isn’t the same when its been in there – no crispy skin!

Talking of chickens, for my birthday the children bought me some lovely new canisters for the tea, coffee and sugar with chickens on, I also got a love set of chicken egg cups from my in laws, I think they are trying to turn me into the crazy chicken lady, therefore, next on my list will be this very funky tea cosy

tea cosy


I would also LOVE a very large dishwasher, one that can wash breakfast, lunch and dinner for nine, don’t think they make them that big, other than an industrial one, and I have yet to find a washing machine larger than 10kg, so I am destined to do at least three washes per day.

What would you like in your kitchen to make life easier ?

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  • Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    July 17, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    Whilst I love kitchen gadgets that save me time like the dishwasher etc I really just want a larger kitchen. I’m sick of my small galley kitchen with it’s lack of storage

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