I’d love a new kitchen

Now that all the children are in education pretty much full time, I have decided that it’s time to start doing up the house. I have already promised Xene that the girl’s bedroom will be painted a different colour from the bright yellow left behind by the boys, by the time she comes home for a visit at October half-term!

We are halfway through having a new bathroom suite fitted, which is taking much longer than expected as they sent us the wrong bath and took four weeks to rectify it, but that’s another blog post!

Next on my list is the kitchen, we have a slight problem, in that, the house is very old, so a bright modern new look kitchen just wouldn’t go, at present it is all dark oak beams and a country kitchen style, so I would like to keep with that style, just maybe knock a few walls down and replace the worktops with some gorgeous solid wood worktops, the ones that we currently have are ancient and faded, they also don’t go with the rest of the wooden kitchen!

It is quite a dark kitchen, so ideally I would like to have lighter kitchen units, but the girls made fun of me last week that whenever I decorate something, no matter what it is, I choose beige or magnolia! Which, if I think about it, is completely true, so I am currently trying to move away from my beige obsession and work out what other colours will work, but also make the spaces appear lighter.

With nine of us in the house we have a lot of dirty dishes, so i’d love a nice big double sink with all the added accessories, such as a tap that boils the water and a waste disposal, because there is nothing worse than fishing all the yucky bits of vegetable and cereal from the bowls and carrying it over to the bin (or is that just me that does it!), i’d like a huge great big draining board too, as I get halfway through the washing up and have to stop to dry up the first half! We have a dishwasher but there always seems to be far too many dishes for the thing…

A breakfast bar would be lovely, it may mean the children actually get up and eat their breakfast nicely, without being half asleep and throwing it down themselves! I would also love a large range cooker, we had one at our last house, but I stupidly sold it with the house, at present we have a double oven and hob, but it’s not quite the same.

We have an amazing American Style Fridge Freezer, but at the moment it isn’t plumbed in to the water, which means I can’t have iced water on tap, or ice cubes at the ready, but once my new kitchen starts to take shape, there will definitely be enough room to plumb it in properly.

Are you in the middle of decorating, if so, which room are you working on ?

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