I am a failure!!

You may remember that I started on the fabulous Mutu System to get rid of my weight and be looking fab for my sister’s blessing taking place on 12th May.

Well it started great, the first two weeks I ate sensibly, cut out the fizzy drinks and was starting to feel that actually I would be back into my clothes by then….

However, I have had to admit failure, the dress that I had for the blessing has been sent back and a larger size ordered, I am not happy with the way that I look and I take my hat off to all those ladies out there who have such amazing willpower and stick to their regimes.

As I have never had to worry about my weight very much before I have found this very challenging and difficult, it has done nothing for my self esteem and has resulted in a few emotional outbursts at both my husband and sister, which I am not very proud of, but I am finding it very hard to handle.

The reasons that I have been unable to stick to the Mutu, are hard to pinpoint, we have had five of the family birthdays in the last five weeks, resulting in lots of cake and birthday type dinners, Easter was a mass of chocolate and I have had so much going on in the family that I have found myself eating junk food or late at night once the children have gone to bed.

Reading this, they seem pretty lame excuses but I am determined that this will change, I am not happy with the way I look, therefore I need to do something about it, I am obviously not going to be thin for my sister’s blessing but I have another goal, my son will turn one on 10th June and we have my husbands Rugby Summer Ball on 9th June, so I would at least like to feel good and half decent by then.

So, I shall throw out the junk food and plan healthy meals starting on Monday, any tips or words that will help, would be gratefully received xxx

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