How You Can Keep Family And Business Seperate

If you’ve got a family and own your own business you’ll know how hard it is to keep the two separate. They can easily bleed into each other. It isn’t fair on your family if this happens too much. People who own their own business tend to pour way more hours into it than someone who is employed. There’s so much to do, especially when you’re at the start of the journey. But getting a good level of family time is important too, for your own mental wellbeing. People have different ways of ensuring they get this. Different methods of keeping the two lives separate. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Don’t Use Your Home As A Warehouse

If you sell products, it’s pretty easy to end up using your garage, attic, or spare room as a makeshift warehouse. This is fine if it’s for a short period of time. Or if it’s just when you’re starting out. But long term? It’s taking up vital space for you and your family. It might be time to use other storage options. You can check this website for some ideas, but essentially, you’ll get to the point where you have to get the stock out of your house. If you sell on a platform like Amazon, they offer a direct to warehouse option meaning you don’t have to worry about storage. You pay for it though, of course. It might be worth leasing a warehouse, it depends on the amount of product you’re actually storing etc.

Draw The Line And Get Help

Overworking is endemic. So many people do it. People who own their own business are some of the worst. It makes sense. You want your business to succeed because if it doesn’t you don’t get paid. In a normal job, a bad day doesn’t mean no pay. However, you can only let this fly to a point. It can’t become your everything. You put a lot of time in when you’re looking at things you’re not sure about. Take the above Amazon example. You won’t know how to get things ranking and working, whereas there are others who know how to launch a product. Get the right level of help. Maybe you’ve decided that you want to do your own taxes. Think about how much involvement there will be on your part having to learn everything. It’s better sometimes to bite the bullet and pay for an expert to do it for you and help.

Designate Family Time

It’s really important that there is a designated family time element to your life. This might be that you ensure you eat with your family every single day. It’s a great habit and it means you get to talk to your family about their life. It also means you can keep tabs on what the kids are eating. It might be that you keep one day on the weekend free so that you can spend it doing things with the kids, or that you do something together every Friday night. Keeping business and family separate is hard, so ensuring you have that non negotiable family time which simply cannot get in the way of helping you draw a clear line between the two.


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