How You Can Get Your Kids Into The Arts

We all know that being introduced to the arts and to creativity from a young age is hugely beneficial for children. Being creative is an outlet that will enable them to explore their emotions and the way that they relate to the world, and being introduced to storytelling will enable them to become more empathetic and understanding of other people’s emotions. Here are some ways that you can open the world of culture and the arts to your kids…

Take Them To Cultural Events

Firstly, you can take your kids to cultural events. No matter where you live, there will be something going on locally, whether it’s an art show displaying work by local artists or the best museums and galleries in the world if you live in a big city. There are theatre performances that are directed specifically at children, and even ballets and classical music performances that have programs that young people and children may enjoy. It’s often a good idea, when you go to a museum or an art gallery, to take some kind of activity along with you – take a small sketchbook and a pack of coloured pencils so you and your kid can create your own responses to works by famous artists.

Model Behaviour For Them

It’s impossible to expect your kids to become artistic geniuses unless you model certain behaviours to them: obviously there are writers and artists who found their disciplines without any help from their families, but it’s a good idea to offer your offspring all the help you can. Take them to the library and sit down and read with them, and make sure that they see you reading and enjoying books at home too. Tell them about the music you love to listen to, and sit down and paint with them on rainy afternoons. Seeing that you love the arts and that they have a great effect on your life will encourage your children to pursue them themselves.

Make A Creative Space In Your Home

It’s a great idea to make a space in your home where your kids can be creative whenever they want. Make a reading nook with shelves and soft pillows where your kids can relax with a book whenever they want to. If your child is a budding artist, tape plastic sheeting over a certain area of floor and put a table and chair there that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, and make sure that your kid knows how to clean up after themselves so that getting out paints for artwork doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. If they love music, you could check out silent pianos – you can plug headphones into them so your kid can practise without everyone else being able to hear.

Finally, remember that your attitude is hugely important. Although you should demonstrate that you enjoy art galleries, museums and storybooks, you should make sure that you don’t push your kids too far. If they don’t want to be concert pianists and would rather just enjoy themselves and pick out tunes, that’s okay. What matters most is that they’re enjoying themselves.

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