How to Turn Your Backyard into a Family-Friendly Outdoor Theater

Do you miss going to the movies with your family and friends? We all do, we all do…However, you don’t have to give up cool movie-watching experiences just yet! Why not create a fun family-friendly outdoor theater in your backyard? Here are a few ideas that will help you achieve this easy transformation just in time for a fun movie night.

Come up with a budget

How far are you willing to go with your backyard theater? Do you want to enjoy an occasional classic with your family or do you want to organize serious family-friendly movie nights so you can spend quality time with your family? Come up with a good budget that will cover your screen and soundbar and leave a few bucks for additional fixtures and seating.

There’s no party without a screen

If you’re planning this to be a one-time thing, you can grab a sheet, attach it to your wall and project a movie to your simple setup. Screen projectors are pretty cheap these days, so don’t worry about huge expenses. However, if you’re serious about movies and want better picture and sound quality, you’ll want to invest in an outdoor screen. An outdoor TV will be a perfect solution for movie nights, kid-friendly gaming, sports events and outdoor parties.

Prepare the seating

Now, it’s time to focus on seating so you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy the movie in peace. You want to achieve the maximum level of comfort and relaxation, so consider the “stadium seating arrangement”—that’s a perfect setup for enjoying a movie. Create two or three rows of different-level seating so that everyone can see the screen.

The first row, nearest to the screen, can look like a lounge area with pillows and blankets. This section will usually be reserved by kids since they love sitting on the grass or the deck. The second row can be occupied by beach loungers and low chairs. The final row can consist of regular chairs or even tall bar chairs for extra height.

Handle the sound

One of the biggest challenges of setting up an outdoor movie theater is the sound. Traffic, chatting neighbors, dogs barking in the distance—these will all drown out your movie and ruin your experience. Luckily, you can find quality pieces of entertainment electronics from established brands such as Furrion, and choose from a variety of great sound solutions, especially soundbars. These provide you with a strong, clear and crisp sound, and are suitable for outdoor use. Combine your TV screen with a soundbar with built-in subwoofer and you’ll be blown away by the sound!

Create safe places for drinks

If you’re enjoying a movie from a normal chair, you probably have access to a sturdy table near you, but kids and guests sitting on the grass will need a place to leave their snacks and drinks. Grab a few wooden crates and place them next to the pillows and blankets.

Provide drinks and snacks

There’s no way you can watch a movie without popcorn and soda, so make sure to create a practical snack station. If you have space, you can even invest in a popcorn maker for your deck—this will be an amazing piece of decoration for your yard and attract the attention of both kids and adults. Match it with a small outdoor fridge and you’ll always have happy movie fans in your backyard!

Light up your space

You might not need a lot of illumination when watching a movie, but some lighting will allow you to feel more comfortable reaching for your snacks and drinks. You can choose various different lighting techniques to illuminate your outdoor space, like fairy lights or lanterns. These won’t create any glare or hurt your eyes while you’re enjoying the movie—it’s a perfect family home setup. Citronella candles are also a great idea, especially if you live in a mosquito-prone area—bug bites can completely ruin your night. Buy in bulk and they will always come in handy.

Add some decoration

To make your evenings even more special, don’t hesitate to set up some decorations. Come up with a theme that matches your movie and decorate accordingly. For instance, if you’re watching Jaws, pick a nautical theme and if you’re choosing Frozen, pick a winter theme. Some movie posters are also a must and they can serve as permanent decoration for your backyard, especially if you frame them nicely.

Who needs real cinemas when you can organize super fun and chill movie nights in your own backyard. This is a much more fun and safe way to enjoy movies today, so don’t hesitate to invest a little more money into your backyard theater.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer with a focus in home improvement, interior design, family life, and sustainable living.

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