How to Renovate the Home for Your Large Family

Do you, like us, have a large family? While you may not have as many little ones as the Radfords, you may be finding things around the home to be a squeeze if you’ve expanded your number recently.
Whether you’re planning on growing your family or you’re trying to fit everyone into the existing space, there are some tips and tricks to help keep everyone comfortable in the home. Here’s a roundup of some ideas to help you make those important updates around the home.

Add a Bathroom

If there are a few of you, one main family bathroom won’t be practical anymore. It’s worth assessing your home and deciding if it’s possible to add an extra bathroom, an en-suite or even a downstairs toilet to alleviate the morning rush and bedtime routine.
Once you have planned and budgeted for the renovations, it’s worth looking at the storage options in the bathroom facilities. As your family expands, you will need to accommodate more towels and toiletries, so adding shelving and cupboards to the plans for these new additions.

Shed Some Light

Before you start remodelling your property, it’s worth looking at how well-lit it is. Adding some light can make a huge difference to a space and give you the opportunity to open a room up without having to pay for an extension.
One way to shed some light is to invest in mirrors around the home and add a lick of white paint where possible to allow light to reflect off the walls. If you have the space, adding skylights can also make a huge impact on cramped spaces. Investing in ones like these from Swift Direct Blinds can open up a room.

Divide a Room

If you could do with another room, adding a stud wall to a larger bedroom can make a huge difference. Whether you need the extra space to create a nursery or you simply need a dedicated room for clothes and other essentials, this could be an easy, quick and clever way to make room.

Get Creative

While it’s important to make sure you have a seating area for everyone as well as distinctive bedrooms, it’s worth getting creative with the space you have. Your lounge can double up as a dining room with the addition of a table and if you need to create a play area, opt for furniture that can be stored away.

how to renovate the home

Build On

This is the big one. If you need to renovate the loft or build an extension to fit everyone in, it’s worth getting planning permission as early as possible so you don’t run out of room before everything can go ahead.
Once you have permission, start shopping around for quotes and find out how best to make the most of your building plans. Having a clear idea of what you need the space for will help you to stay focussed on the renovation work.

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