How To Protect Your Home

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When we moved to our house nearly nine years ago, the first thing that I noticed was a burglar alarm, this had never been in my thinking, both houses we had lived in previously were in quite a busy area, with lots of people out and about all the time, even when we lived on the next street to a prison we didn’t have an alarm!

However, this house is on a very quiet rural lane, with not many houses and fields in most directions, so I felt safer knowing that we had that back up.

Move forward nine years and there are so many more choices to help protect your home, you can practically control the entire household from your pocket!

My Top Five Tips For Protecting Your Home.

  1. Ensure you lock all windows and doors when you are going out, even for a short time, I admit it does seem like a hassle but it only takes a few minutes for someone to gain entry. Whilst on our honeymoon we were in a ground floor apartment and heard a noise in the early hours of the morning, Asa went to investigate and found a man casually trying to break the window latch with a crowbar, not the best start to our honeymoon as Xene was sleeping right under the window!
  2. Keep Your Valuables out of sight, my children are terrible for this, they are always leaving ipads or laptops where they have been sitting. If someone looks through the window and sees them, it is worth trying to get in, if there is nothing in sight they risk breaking in for nothing.
  3. Install a system like Smart Home to ensure every base is covered, not only will it keep unwanted persons out but the door and window sensors would be great for my four year old Houdini, who is constantly trying to sneak out.
  4. Leave some lights on if you know you will be returning when it is dark, this is something I need to fix, as my outside light has stopped working and with no streetlights it is VERY dark, thank goodness for Christmas lights at the moment!
  5. Always check who is at the front door, if you are unsure do not answer, or invest in an outside camera that you can check who is calling, this happens quite often at our door as our house is the easiest to pull into on the lane and we live within half a mile of four holiday parks and people are always getting lost!
Do you have any more to add ?
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