How to Plan the Perfect Beach Vacation

Is there anything better than going to the beach? Not really! Planning a beach vacation is something that every family should experience in their lifetime. Once you decide to go to the beach, you will need to plan the perfect beach vacation. Keep in mind that “perfect” only means perfect for your family. No vacation is perfect and it’s important to remember that.

Don’t go during the busy seasons

I don’t know about you, but no perfect beach vacation exists when everyone else is there. Don’t go on your hard earned beach vacation when everyone else is at the beach. Instead, pick a week that may not be as busy. You’ll thank yourself!

Don’t over pack for the beach

While having all the extra gizmos and gadgets is a lot of fun, it’s not necessary. Going to the beach shouldn’t equal stress. In fact, over packing is very stressful! Bring the bare minimum to the beach and enjoy. People have enjoyed the beach for thousands of years without bringing the perfect beach chair or a million snacks, the only items you will really need are a swimming costume/bikini/swimming trunks, a towel, sunhat and a beach bag to carry them all in, all of which can be purchased at Simply Beach. I am totally in love with their Banana Moon Beach Towels, they are just so pretty!

Do bring the sun protection

I’m all about bringing all of the sun protection. I mean, the beach gets REALLY hot and nobody wants to sit in the sun for hours and hours with kids. Planning the perfect beach vacation does include sun protection. Bring an umbrella or a tent to hang out in. You can also wear a hat or sunglasses. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Do plan watching the sunset

You haven’t truly been to the beach for the perfect vacation if you haven’t watched a sunset occur. Beach sunsets are the best and one of the most beautiful things you’ll see in your life. If you can, make plans to stay for the sunset and enjoy it.

Plan to go to the beach every day

Can you have the perfect beach vacation without visiting the beach everyday? When we go on a beach vacation, we plan on visiting the beach every single day at some point or another. It’s worth it to see the waves, sealife, and the sand. Don’t plan a beach vacation without planning to go to the beach every day!

Do plan to bring lots of snacks and drinks

The sun can get hot at the beach, which is why it’s important to plan on bringing plenty of drinks and snacks. You can bring healthier snacks! Water will help you stay hydrated and the snacks will give you fuel when you’re feeling tired from the sun beating down on you all day!

How do you plan on the perfect beach vacation? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  • Jason

    February 16, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    Snacks are just game changers for every beach outing. Great list for beach vacation. Nice post.

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