How To Plan and Landscape A Garden Makeover

With the awakening of nature, it’s time to awaken the beauty of your garden. Spring is the best time to start landscaping and making over your garden as it gives you numerous options to show your creativity. If you want to see your work blossom into something straight out of a fairytale, turn to the fairy godmother Spring for some magical help. Of course, you’ll need to do some work yourself before it comes and waves its wand, enhancing your efforts.

1. Bring the outdoors inside

If you don’t have enough room outside to enjoy your own Wonderland, you can simply bring it inside. Small gardens that can fit on your balcony or around the house are becoming more and more popular. After all, people are sick of living in these concrete jungles without a breath of fresh air in their apartments. You can easily incorporate your garden into your home if you clear some space for your plants.

Pots of various shapes and sizes are widely available, so it won’t be a problem to plant your garden inside. Hanging pots are also a great choice, as you’ll get to create the effect of being completely surrounded by nature. Wall plants are also suitable for achieving this effect. Your creativity doesn’t have to be kept in a box just because you’re working with limited space. In fact, with so many easily manageable plants, you should take this as a challenge to create the most lavish yet compact garden the world has seen.

2. Add a sprinkle of Zen

The shared trait of every beautiful garden is that it feels like home more than your actual home. Adding a sprinkle of Zen is the quickest and safest way to secure your garden adopts this trait. You can do this by looking to the Japanese culture for inspiration. Find your inner peace by adding a few calming boulders to inspire tranquillity. You can also add a sandbox and make calming patterns in the sand. For the best effect, they should resemble water ripples.

Most importantly, though, you should choose greenery instead of colourful flowers. The minimalistic approach has proven to be the most beneficial for your mind as it lets you focus on the interworkings of your body. Basically, this environment inspires you to meditate and mends all the cracks caused by stress and the challenges of daily life.

3. The harmony is completed

Harmony should be the ultimate goal of any garden. You can achieve this effect by carefully arranging your flowers and plants, but without a garden structure, it’s just going to feel empty. After all, what’s the point of creating beauty if you can’t enjoy it up close? If you include a pergola into your garden, you’ll be able to relax with the sounds and sights of nature every afternoon.

Feel like you’ve stepped into a whole new world where your troubles and worries magically disappear. With a fairytale-like pergola roof, you’ll even feel like you’ve stepped into a storybook. This, in truth, might be the only way to truly feel like one with nature and achieve complete harmony. Whether you’re in England or Australia, you’re bound to feel the irresistible pull of nature and instant joy once you cross the door of your pergola. Let it be your entrance to that other world.

4. Prepare the house for your guests

All Disney princesses had this connection with nature and its critters others could only envy. Their house and your garden should be prepared as the little creatures are bound to be looking for a new home. Add a birdbath and a few birdhouses around your backyard, and you’ll be blessed with the happy chirps and colourful little birds.

To further feel like Snow White or Cinderella, or even Tiana, add a toad house. Frogs and toads are very useful for gardens as they stop pests from harming your plants and provide a calming and soothing sound in the evening. Plus, you could turn every watering trip into an adventure by looking for frogs. Who knows, maybe your prince is hiding in one of those little houses.


As the Northern hemisphere turns its face to the sun and gets ready for a season of growing, even the rainiest of places like England will get their turn to shine. The garden of your dreams can become reality this Spring if you only make a wish. Mother Nature will grant you all the necessary tools you need to nurture, and it’s up to you to impress it and show how much you appreciate it. With a little effort, every dream blossoms into a beautiful little flower. Add them all together, and you’ve got your own piece of heaven right in your backyard.

Author bio: Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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