How to measure your walls for a wallpaper renovation project?

Wallpaper has different patterns, designs, and colors on paper that you stick to the walls of a room to make the room look more fascinating and refreshing. Wallpapers make your room more inviting and comfortable. Moreover, if you are planning a renovation project for your home you need to consider some factors. Like, you should not buy too much extra wallpaper than needed or buy too little that your renovation does not get completed. Decidedly, you must have to ensure the exact surface area of your walls and equal measurement for the wallpaper roll. Alternatively, if you have done the right calculations, get ready to cover your wall with wallpaper indeed.

Things you need to know about wallpapers

1.  Options are plentiful

You will get astonished by knowing the wide varieties, patterns, colors, and styles available for wallpapers. These wallpapers will also turn your wall into a canvas according to your choice. Additionally, there are removable wallpapers obtainable in the market with which you can change your wallpapers seasonally.

2.  Provides pliability

As you all know wallpapers are proved to be the long term participant, if properly cared for. But what if your mind changes and you need to remove it? So, in this situation, wallpaper is the perfect choice because it can be removed without damaging the actual surface of the wall. Therefore, wallpapers are flexible and cost-effective as per their use.

3.  Maintenance is simple

Wallpapers require minimum or less care than paint. Furthermore, if you are willing to clean your designer wallpapers you can easily dry vacuum them using the soft brush attachment. In addition, you can also try a sponge or soft-dry cloth to wipe the dirt on the wallpapers. However, in the case of bathroom wallpapers, you have to take precautions regarding humidity or temperature.

4.  Small mends can be repaired

As you all know everything has some cons besides a lot of pros. After a lot of maintenance, the wallpaper can be ripped from the movement of furniture. But on the whole, nothing to worry about because these small repairs can be possible. The area that is damaged can be replaced with a similar pattern but this requires a lot of effort. Therefore, try protecting your wallpaper from getting damaged.

How to compute measurements of your walls and wallpaper

Step:1 Measure the width of each wall of the room where you want to renovate with wallpaper.

Step:2 Sum up all the widths together.

Step:3 Repeat the same steps with the height of each wall.

Step:4 Calculate the total square footage by multiplying the combined width with the height of the walls.

#ADDITIONAL TIP: To ensure ease in renovation, do not deduct the space of windows, doors, and cabinets from the calculations.

Step:5 This is the main step in this process. If the pattern repeat of your wallpaper is 18” or less, then divide the total square footage by 23. Furthermore, in case the pattern repeat of your wallpaper is 19” to 25” then divide the total square footage by 20. As a result, you will get to know the total number of wallpaper rolls that are required in your revamping project.

Step:6 Just in case, if your wallpaper pattern does not have a repeat then directly use the total square footage from step 4 above.

Factors to keep in mind

1.   More is better

If you are the one who is trying the wallpaper sticking for the first time, then do not consider yourself a pro. Mistakes can occur and your wallpaper can get wasted. So, in such cases, you need to have more than the required wallpaper. Likewise, too much or enough wallpaper roll is better than not enough.

2.   Follow the simple rule of thumb

Never compare the total square footage of the wall with the measurement of the wallpaper. This will surely create trouble in the effortless project.

3.   Order an extra roll

There is not an issue in ordering an extra roll of wallpaper if you are in doubt about the measurement. You can always use the leftover wallpaper in many other ways other than just applying it on walls. You can attempt an extra effort in applying the leftover pieces in drawers or on the stair risers.

End thought

Wallpapering, an outspread world on its own. If you are using wallpaper in your home then you cannot deny that there are numerous benefits of using wallpapers. They are affordable. They are fast and make a prodigious impact in the area. Moreover, after reading the article, you are ready to vanquish your wallpapering projects. On the whole, you can get the idea that the world of wallpaper is not small as the name suggests. There are so many varieties with different specifications and perfections. Nevertheless, it depends on your choice, needs, and budget to buy the ideal kind of wallpaper for your space.







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