How to make your living room feel cosy

Your living room is the heart of your home. It’s where you sit and watch films on a rainy day, or entertain friends on a Friday night. It’s where your children play and your partner naps on a lazy Sunday. However, you might think that it’s lacking a little in cosy vibes, and here are some things you can do to help with that.

Consider your lighting

Harsh, bright white bulbs can give any room with a really cold feeling. Opt for something more gentle like an E14 candle LED in a warm tone, and make sure you utilise lamps when you want a cosy vibe, or use a dimmer switch on the main light. Candles are a fantastic option for making things feel comfortable and cosy, but if you’re worried about open flames, there are plenty of battery-powered candles that offer the same effect with no fears about fire hazards.

A basket of blankets

Snuggling up under a blanket is one of the best feelings, and even if you’re not someone who feels the cold, they are nice to sit on and add comfort and warmth. Have a basket available for guests or your family, and make sure you have different types – vary the thickness, the material and the size so that everyone can choose their level of cosiness.

Opt for warm colours

Warm-toned colours can make a real difference to the feel of your room. If you don’t want to repaint, you can add these colours with accessories and soft furnishings. Dark wood will make things feel warmer and layered textiles such as a collection of different textured cushions on your sofa. Heavy curtains in a darker colour will also lend themselves to the cosy feeling.

Get a rug

Even if you have carpet, you’ll be surprised at the difference a really soft, luxurious rug can have on the cosiness of a room. Not only is it pleasant underfoot, but it also helps dampen sound and makes things feel much more snug.

Lighting a fire

Nothing screams homeliness quite like a roaring fire, but if that isn’t practical for you, you could also use a video streamed to your television. The visual of the fire burning and the sounds of the logs popping and cracking will automatically make you feel warmer, even if it is a bit of a placebo. This is a lovely thing to have on if you’re entertaining, chatting or playing games as it will give the room some real life and depth.

As the long winter stretches out before us, having a cosy space becomes more important than ever. A space to cuddle up and read books, drink endless cups of tea and enjoy the sound of the rain on the window. If your living room is showing up with maximum cosy vibes, it’s time to work on these little upgrades to take your relaxation to the next level.

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