How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

When it comes to homemaking, bigger is often deemed to be better. While size certainly matters, it’s how you use it that can truly unlock the full potential of a property. Unfortunately, this is one area where a lot of homeowners fall short.

If you’re looking for tips on how to finally regain control of the available space, you’re in luck. Here are six of the best.

#1. Declutter

The most obvious step to creating the appearance of a bigger home is to declutter. When you have less junk taking up space in the rooms, they will feel larger. This is the perfect opportunity to think about selling unwanted goods or donating them to people. For valuable items that you may want at a later date, storage pods deliver a fantastic solution. One way or another, freeing up more space will give you the perfect foundation to build upon.

#2. Utilise The Walls

Removing items from the home is one option. However, another solution is to focus on freeing up floor space. Lose bulky display units in favour of shelving. Add a TV bracket to remove the need for a stand. Think about fixing family photos directly to the wall instead of using a sideboard. Your walls shouldn’t be cluttered either, but there’s no doubt that they can be used to aid the cause. This is a modern touch that feeds in well with minimalist living.

#3. Let There Be Light

Good lighting is your best friend when trying to build a bigger-looking property. Adding a skylight or dressing the windows more appropriately will serve you well. When worried about privacy, window films are readily available. Further steps include using mirrors to reflect the light or choosing a lighter colour scheme for similar reasons. Aside from making the home look bigger, brighter rooms should inject a sense of happiness.

#4. Clean

A clean home is a happy home, and it will seriously boost the appearance of size too. Given that it’s the busiest room of the home, keeping the kitchen clean should be a priority. Nonetheless, bedrooms and bathrooms deserve your attention too. Crucially, you must not forget the hallways or the front of the property. These are the first parts of the home that you will interact with, which is why they can set the tone one way or another.

#5. Solid Colours

Every home needs a little personality. Bold feature walls are ideal for wall schemes. When picking furniture and upholstery, solid colors are better than stripes and fancy designs. It keeps everything clean and clear, while the use of neutral tones can further support the desired look. Geometric shapes and designs are a great addition too, which will allow you to achieve a significant upgrade. Coordination should become simpler too.

#6. Use External Spaces

If you have a back garden, it’s vital to use it in the best way possible. Patio areas can transform the vibe throughout the property. Meanwhile, summerhouses could be used to create a home gym or office area. Whether it’s for work or leisure, there’s no doubt that making the most of these areas will reduce the pressure on internal spaces. The addition of sliding patio doors will connect living spaces to your outside land to create an even bigger impact.

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