How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger Without Getting An Extension

If you wish that you could afford a bigger home, you are not alone. However, the thought (not least the cost) of getting an extension is quite daunting. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives at your disposal. With the right strategies at your disposal, it is possible to achieve the desired perception of space. This is without the extensive work of physically building a bigger property.

Here are five of the best options to help you turn that dream into a reality.

Go Minimalist & Use Wall Space

When dealing with the idea of home design, size doesn’t always matter. It’s how you use it that really counts. Opting for a slightly more minimalist approach can have a hugely positive influence on the look of the home. Meanwhile, losing the bulky display units for a TV wall bracket and shelves can work wonders. You can take the sense of organisation to even higher heights by utilising nooks and other small spaces. The strongest foundation will be established.

Remove Junk

Overcrowding the home is a serious issue. In truth, most households are home to huge volumes of unneeded goods. Unfortunately, sorting through it all can be tough. Renting extra storage space for a few weeks gives you the time and versatility to get organised one room at a time. You can subsequently use online selling and garage sales to claim back some valuable funds. It’s great news for your property, pocket, and ongoing cleaning duties. Perfect. 

Change The Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is probably the first thing you’ll notice when entering a room. Even if it’s on a subconscious level, the impacts are huge. A lighter colour scheme supported by increased natural lighting will help reflect the light and brighten up the space. The naturally makes rooms appear far bigger. When you do this throughout the home, you will notice a huge difference in your perception of the home. In turn, you will feel far happier with the aesthetic for years to come.


Utilise The Garden

If you’re struggling for ways to make the property look bigger on the inside, why not try the outside? Utilising the garden space with greater impacts through the use of the BBQ area will allow you to spend more time outside. Moreover, it can turn your backyard into an entertainment venue. For a truly telling transformation, you could additionally install sliding patio doors. They can combine the living spaces with the garden for an even greater overall function and aesthetic.

Redesign The Internal Floor Plan

Extending the property isn’t the only way to alter the physical dimensions of the floor plan. Internal modifications can include loft conversions and garage transformations. Alternatively, you can knock down an internal wall to create an open plan living space that connects the lounge, kitchen, and diner. The options are plentiful, and it can be a great way to transform the home cheaply and without planning permission. With the help of an expert, you can achieve truly great things.

Most homeowners would agree that bigger is better. Use the above tips, and your home will feel brand new.


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