9 Smart Ideas to Make Small Spaces in Your House Look Bigger

Smaller rooms might look more cozy and efficient, but it could also feel cramped and hard to organise.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can make small spaces look bigger. Furniture arrangement, colour techniques, and smart lighting are a few topics that we would like to discuss in this post.

The main idea of this article is to teach you how to make a small room look larger by applying a few simple, yet clever tricks. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you:

1. Paint it with light colours

Medium colours can make a room appear smaller, but when you stick with brighter hues, you’re creating a sense of contrast. This builds depth, as well as an illusion of a much bigger space.

Darker colour schemes, on the other hand, although they might appear trendy, are best suited for larger spaces. When you use dark colours in an already space-challenged room, the walls will close in.

To create an optimal effect, pick colours in soft hues of off-white as they create a much bigger, and inviting atmosphere. Also, paint the wall trim or mouldings with a much lighter colour than your walls.

This will make your wall appear further back. Lighter colour hues help expand a space visually.

2. Install a lot of mirrors

Using mirrors can also help work its magic. It’s an ideal accessory to make any room appear larger.

Mirrors can be installed on sliding closet doors or can cover an entire wall, ideally facing a window.

Doing so has two purposes: First, the wall hangings, furniture, accessories, lights coming from lamps and recessed lightings are reflected in the room.

Second, as natural light will pour through the windows, it will reflect off the mirror, making space appear larger and brighter.

luxury bedroom interior, 3d picture

3. Let the light in

Allowing natural light to pour inside a room helps open up the interior to make it look bigger. If you don’t have enough natural light to work with, you can add a couple of effects, such as lighting fixtures.

Meanwhile, if you have access to bright light, bigger windows can instantly connect a room outdoors, and will no longer limit your space.

You can utilise sheer window coverings so that it will be much easier to pull them back, allowing more light to come in.

If the view isn’t spectacular, you can add plants or flowers near the window, or use lamps to liven up space.

4. Invest in furniture with exposed legs

Choosing furniture with legs helps you open up a smaller space, as compared to bigger furniture pieces that rest on the floor without its legs showing.

These could look big and bulky in a more confined space. Furniture with legs, on the other hand, will draw the eye upwards. This, in turn, can create an illusion that there’s more light (and space) inside a room.

5. Less furniture is more

Go with the “less is more” mindset. You don’t have to bring in excess furniture, especially if it is a smaller room. Although this technique is often easier said than done.

While it’s great to have extra things to make life much easier; if space is an issue with you, then bringing in less furniture will make it look appear bigger.

For instance, keep your bed on the floor and use a smaller table as a piece of furniture in your bedroom.

You can also pick a piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose. For instance, an ottoman that can also serve as an extra storage space.

Another way to maximise space is to look for beds in a small room. The bedroom must at least be 10-by-10 square feet to fit a queen-sized bed and to have additional space to walk around.

To make a small room look larger,  a standard-sized mattress is an ideal option. To know which is the best mattress for you, check out this Amerisleep vs Casper review.

6. Declutter the rooms

As much as you can, you need to keep a room tidy and organised. There’s nothing that will make a small space look cramped than having too much clutter.

But when everything’s tidily arranged and out of sight, then the view will appear much more orderly and open. Meanwhile, a room filled with clutter will look much smaller.

You also need to keep the floor clear. This is one of the most important ways you can create a sense of spaciousness with any room. Take off the large rugs to make an illusion of a much larger area.

According to MaidSailors Cleaning Services NYC, having a room that is free of clutter creates an illusion of space, making the room appear larger. Keep the pencils in a jar, clothes in the drawer, as well as all your loose change in a piggy bank.

Leave clean floors and a clean desk for working.

7. Take advantage of crown molding

A crown moulding in a home is, without a doubt, an excellent design choice. But do you know that it can also make a room appear bigger?

Crown mouldings will tend to draw the eye upwards, making the ceiling appear higher and the space bigger in general.

Small Spaces Look Bigger with long curtains

8. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

If you’re decorating a small space, go for long, flowy curtains instead of roller shades and blinds. This helps maximise the height of the ceiling.

This also ensures that the curtain rods are installed nearer to the ceiling than the top of the window frame.

Then, purchase panels that are long enough to reach or billow about two to three inches from the floor.

9. Mount Shelves

Another way to keep things off the floor, as well as free up walking space, is to mount shelves.

You can utilise them to store books, frames, and so on. Just ensure that these shelves are color-coded, as much as possible. Mounting shelves in a room are also a great space saver.

Over to You

The struggle in making a small space look bigger is real. Also, trying to fit everything in a smaller room is not an easy task.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy solutions that can make your space appear inviting, multi-functional, and trendy at the same time.

Hopefully, the tips listed above will allow you to let a smaller room appear bigger without having to break the bank.

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