How To Glow!

We all dream of waking up to a radiant complexion that’s full of life, glowing and ready to face the day. However, for most of us, the fight to battle fine lines and those lacklustre tones is an ongoing beauty battle. Thankfully, there are fuss free yet super-effective ways to brighten and transform the skin’s appearance. Here are five radiance-boosting tips to make grey skin days a distant memory.

Hydrate from the inside

A dry and often dull complexion is a clear sign of major dehydration. Of course, the fastest way to combat this is from within. So, whether you’re at the office all day, rushing on the school run, or hitting the gym, make sure you have a bottle of water with you at all times. Keeping the body topped up nicely with plenty of the good stuff is one of the most simple and cheapest remedies around. People often mistake fine lines around the eyes and mouth as a direct result of accelerated ageing, but the truth is, many of these are merely dehydration lines that will disappear once you up your water intake.

Buff and revitalise

Smooth skin with plenty of luminosity requires weekly exfoliation, to lift dead cells and stubborn impurities. Opt for a gentle mask containing brightening fruit acids like papaya, or choose a simple scrub with grains to remove the dullness blocking your glow.

Quit the bad stuff

The look of a lifeless complexion also comes down to an unhealthy diet, lacking all of those lovely vitamins that our skin needs to remain plumped up. This, combined with too much alcohol, sun exposure and smoking, will eventually take its toll on your radiance factor. Quitting the latter will not only save your skin, but potentially your life, too. If you’re having trouble quitting those addictive white sticks, then e-cigarettes are a brilliant replacement. The vapour creates the same motion of smoking, minus the skin damage and nasty toxins. Genius.

Nourish daily

Depending on your skin type, add a serum, ideally containing hyaluronic acid, or a healing facial oil into your evening cleansing routine, as these formulas will work deeper into the skin than a regular moisturiser.

Boost circulation

Be sure to take time both morning and night to massage in your skincare products. Circular and long sweeping motions will not only get the blood flowing nicely, but will also help to relax the facial muscles.

As you all probably know I am absolutely hopeless at any beauty type routine – I just don’t have the time, but now that I am approaching a BIG birthday, maybe its time I started doing something..I don’t have the giving up smoking worry, its just trying to be a bit more healthy, I was introduced to serums last month, so that’s a start….

A huge thanks to Tamara for working in partnership with me on this post and hopefully helping me to look a little younger!

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