How to get kids to declutter

Create Your Own Calm is a new book by child therapist and wellbeing author Becky Goddard-Hill. It is an activity book for 6-12 year olds packed with ways to help them help themselves feel calmer and less stressed.

The activities are wide ranging and include bread making, anchoring, yoga, nature crafting, peaceful protest, positivity, problem solving, gardening and much, much more more.

One of the activities in Create Your Own calm encourages kids to declutter – every parents dream! Let’s take a look at how it works …

How decluttering helps kids feel calm

Scientists at Princeton have found that clutter overloads our brains with information and stop us thinking clearly. Other research validates finding and suggest it also makes us feel miserable, tired sad and worried.

We all know how amazing it feels when a room is tidy, organised and decluttered. It is just the same for kids

How to get kids to declutter

How to get kids to declutter

In order to encourage kids to declutter and stop it feeling like a chore you could make it into an chance for them to improve the lives of other. The opportunity to be kind and help other is a big motivator for kids who have big, generous, compassionate hearts.

 Explain to your kids that a bin liner full of their unwanted stuff will make around £20 for a charity shop and will take them just an hour of two to fill.

  • Offer to help them or do your room declutter at the same time.
  • They will need 3 bags one for gifting one for recycling and one for charity.
  • Make a it a challenge between you and the kids Who can fill their bags the fullest?
  • Pop on some music set a timer and get to work.

Once it’s done the feelings of pride, peace and satisfaction will be huge and there will be a calmer feel to your child’s room and to them as a result.

Create Your own Calm

Create Your Own Calm is published by Harper Collins and is available on Amazon and in all good book shops. It is a lovely gift for any child and will bring hours of entertainment as well as teach them  some useful life skills

 ‘Create Your Own Happy’ the first book in the series came out in 2018 has now sold over 15,000 copies

You can find Becky blogging at Emotionally Healthy Kids  

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