How To Dry And Store Firewood Correctly

It is safe to say that firewood is needed on a year-by-year basis in the UK, as it gets so cold in the winter. Nevertheless, there are still those who are failing to dry and store their firewood properly.

This can prove to be extremely dangerous. Furthermore, if you do not dry out the wood thoroughly then you aren’t going to benefit from a decent amount of heat either as the firewood will not light properly. Therefore, you won’t get all of the benefits of heat logs you are aiming for. So, keeping that in mind, read on to discover some top tips for drying and storing firewood…

The importance of storing wood correctly is something that cannot be stressed enough. After all, wood is hygroscopic by its very nature. What does this mean? Well, wood will easily absorb and retain any moisture and, therefore, you need to stop this from happening. There are several aspects you need to bear in mind. Firstly, make sure the firewood is never directly touching the ground. Furthermore, you need to make sure it is covered by a weatherproof material at all times. Most people tend to opt for a plastic covering. This is cheap and effective.

Of course, when storing your logs you also need to think about it in terms of convenience. You don’t want to spend hours bringing the wood inside the house. Therefore, it is always recommended that you find a spot which is convenient. Look for somewhere that will provide you with easy access when it comes to taking the logs into the house. Nevertheless, most professionals will advise that you don’t actually store the firewood next to your house if possible. If the firewood lays against your exterior walls then you are much more likely to experience an influx of insects into your home.

In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, it is also important to know how to stack your firewood properly. Cross-stacking is recommended because this will promote a better flow of air through the woodpile. Why is this important? Well, it will deter those nasty pests and it will also help to reduce the moisture as well. Furthermore, it is crucial to make sure that your stack of firewood is not higher than four feet. If it is too higher it will pose a safety hazard because it will become unmanageable.

If you follow these points then you will have every chance of ensuring that your firewood is stored safely and effectively. But before you can begin to store your logs you need to make sure you get the purchasing process right. It is beyond imperative that you purchase seasoned firewood. This is wood that has been dried for a minimum of six months. Anything else is known as green wood, in other words; freshly cut. This will contain far too much moisture and not only will it provide you with an ineffective fire but it can be very dangerous as well.

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