How To Convert A Spare Room Into An Office Space

Lets discuss How to convert a spare room into an office space. So your personal business has started picking up steam but not so much that you need to rent an office space or you prefer working alone or you just want a serene space for studying or light personal work and lucky you, you have a free room, so you want to set up an office space, here’s how.

Preferably you would hope to have a free bedroom as they are more spacious and usually have good lighting, but you might not have that, so a basement, walk-in closet or an attic will do.


A minimalist design is ideal as this encourages productivity, go for a look that feels homely but is still functional. Soft colors and textures as opposed to punchy colors except if that’s your style, rock on. Hang up inspirational art or motivational quotes to keep you fired up.


Firstly, a desk, the type of desk you chose depends on the work you plan to do. Desks come in different shapes and sizes so pick something that best suits your work. Also, take into account the need for storage drawers. Desks with an adjustable height are a good bet so you can spend some of your work time standing instead of sitting throughout (sitting for long hours isn’t great health-wise). One can also go with a floating desk if space isn’t abundant.

Back support and table height are important considerations when picking up a chair. Of course, there are different styles but finding a chair upon which you can sit for hours on end is the goal.

If you are more of a night owl, then getting good lighting for your office will be a priority. If you have room on your desk you can use a desk lamp, if otherwise, you can go with a floor lamp or overhead lights.

Shelves are a nice addition if you require storage space for books and office supplies. Whiteboards too can be useful for writing down important information, like your short or long-term goals, a business plan or strategy.

Setting up a new office space


Depending on the nature of your work will dictate the type of equipment you require, for general admin and blog work you will require a Desktop PC or laptop, A Printer and a mobile or landline phone, these are the bare essentials and you may find that in time you will add to it, check out for supplies.

ensure you have enough room for an office space

Working at home comes with its own set of unique challenges especially if you are raising a family. There is a tendency to get carried away either by work or the relaxed nature of working at home. Here are some tips to help balance work and other stuff.

Well since you are reading this article you are on the right track, the first tip is to have a designated workspace, it is also important to have a work-free area in your home so you have time to interact and effectively communicate with your loved ones.

Another tip is to have a set time for work after which you turn off your ‘’work brain’’ and become fully present at home. Let your business associates or customers know the hours of the day in which you are available.

Having an office at home might make it difficult to leave the house, it is important that you take time to unwind and go out with friends and family.

As you have decided to take this leap by having a home office, I wish you success in your endeavours, I hope it is a successful as mine has been.

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if you are self employed and don't fancy the idea of paying out rent for an office, it may be possible to convert a spare room into an office space


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