How To Calm Hyperactive Children

Coping with a hyperactive child can get pretty tough at moments. Hyperactive children tend to seem unstable most of the time. They prefer bouncing from one activity to another one and they never seem to get tired of it. A hyperactive child can usually have difficulties listening to directions and following them. He or she could even perform poorly in school, which may be related to their inability to stay still and concentrated. Even though there is no recipe for handling a hyperactive child, there are some tricks that will help you understand them better and help them be successful. If you have a hyperactive child, here are some ways for you to be a better parent to them.

Establish order in your home

Hyperactive children usually lack order in their lives. Unclear environments can further confuse your child and make it more difficult for him or her to function properly. Most households don’t have a strict order and they function on a relaxed schedule.

However, if you have a hyperactive child, you should take a different approach. Namely, unorganized environments can be troubling for hyperactive children. If you manage to keep an ordered manner in your household, you’ll help the child know what to expect from each day.

Don’t put every issue in focus

The thing with hyperactive children is that they are not bad. Their brains simply cannot pass information between brain cells. This is an issue related to brain chemistry and the kids who have it are usually diagnosed with ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

This means that your kid may seem sometimes as if he or she doesn’t understand you and cannot follow your instructions. You should know that this doesn’t happen because they are lazy or mal-intended, but simply because their brain functions in a different way. For this reason, you shouldn’t always scold them, but you should choose wisely when you’ll jump in and solve an issue with them and when you should just let them do things their own way.

how to calm a hyperactive child

Don’t give complex instructions

Due to the said brain chemistry, a hyperactive child cannot follow the instructions properly, especially if there are too many steps or if the instructions are complex. Just remembering these kinds of tasks is a problem for a kid with ADHD, and working through them can become a real nightmare.

That is why it is important for you to break down the complex instructions. Make sure that the child repeats every step after you and have the child look you in the eyes while explaining. Kids with ADHD can get distracted pretty easily and you don’t want that to happen while explaining something important to them. Whenever possible, write the instructions down as well. This will help the kid focus on one step at a time and do a good job.

Take a break from time to time

What you need to remember is that you are a parent. Your kid depends on you in many ways and you should do your best to be there. However, you also need to remember that you’re not superhuman and that you need and deserve to get some rest. Bringing up a hyperactive child can get a bit stressful when you try too much and that is exactly why you need to chill out sometimes.

Whenever possible, accept help from others. If your spouse or your parents want to take care of the kid for a day or two while you relax at a spa, go for it. You can also look for a “childcare centre near me” and let the professionals entertain your child for a while. This will be good both for you and the kid. You’ll restore the necessary strength to be a good parent again and the kid will change up the atmosphere.

Minimise distractions

Distractions are a huge problem for hyperactive kids. Even the things a majority of people wouldn’t even notice are enough for a hyperactive kid to throw him or her off their daily routine. This is why kids with ADHD struggle with tasks such as homework.

A warm and inviting workspace away from doors and windows should help you keep the kid less distracted and more focused. When it comes to toddlers, you won’t have this issue since they won’t have any important tasks to complete. However, knowing what the future brings will prepare you better for it.

Improve your child’s attention span

Kids with ADHD cannot stay concentrated for a long period. They find distractions easily and they simply get lost. However, there is a way for you to improve their attention span and the best way to do so is by utilizing positive reinforcement.

That means that you reward positive behaviour – in this case, the non-hyperactive behaviour. For instance, show your kid some pictures. If you notice him or her paying attention, give them a big hug. When the kid gets a bit older, you can include some games that will help him or her further improve the attention span.

Educate yourself

Finally, you should make sure to educate yourself as much as possible. IT isn’t uncommon that parents approach their children in the wrong way, just because they don’t know what they’re doing. A good intention is important, but it isn’t crucial in bringing up children. You also need to know what you should say and do and how you should say and do things if you want to do a good job as a parent.

This is especially important for kids with ADHD. Whenever you come across a handout regarding ADHD, make sure to read it. The trustworthy sources will be your best friends in getting to know your kid. Keep in mind that he or she has a different brain structure and show compassion and understanding whenever possible. Always ask for a second or third opinion and keep researching!


Hyperactive kids aren’t bad kids. They simply have a different structure than the rest of the kids. They aren’t mean or rude, they just work differently. As a parent, you need to remember this, because it will make your job much easier and the kid’s life much better.

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