How to be safe when Gardening

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about getting the garden into some kind of order, I didn’t realise the importance of this when I was younger, I thought it all just happened by magic, but after have the most spindly apple trees that broke as soon as the apples got any bigger than a ping pong ball, I have learnt my lesson!

This time of year is the perfect time to get chopping and pruning, but you also need to be careful!

Asa spent a summer whilst at university working as a landscape gardener, so I trust him to get it all looking great, but he does have a habit of being too heavy handed!

I don’t want to think how many forks and spades he has broken over the twenty years we have been together, he always says they are not built for rugby players!

Last summer he was using the hedge trimmer and managed to cut through the entire wire, a few years ago it was the lawnmower lead, so these days we tend to get wireless tools or petrol mowers.

We have a very large tree at the back of the garden which needs some attention, so, knowing his gardening track record I am going to recommend a Chainsaw Helmet, which will at least give him some protection, he already has a large scar on his leg where the Chainsaw he was using in his late teens slipped!

It’s very difficult to do any kind of ‘dangerous’ work in the garden when the children are about as I am constantly preoccupied that they will run out just at the moment a tree branch is falling, thankfully Mondays and Tuesdays Viggo is at preschool 9 til 3, so I can see that our large gardening projects will be taking place on these two days, although he still insists that he is too heavy for the ladder to trim the top of the conifers, so I guess that will be my job this year.

I am quite looking forward to it this year, ever since we moved in this house nine years ago I have either been heavily pregnant or had a young baby or small toddler (sometimes both) to take care of and the garden has certainly been neglected by me, hopefully this year will see lots of lovely fruit and vegetables and a new greenhouse! (is it acceptable to ask for one for my birthday ?)

Do you enjoy gardening, do you have someone who is as reckless in the garden as my husband ?

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  • craig

    August 15, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Great post and I have lost count the amount of times I have injured myself in the garden, not badly mind you but it’s easily done, especially trying to trim tree branches!

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