How important is Pinterest and Tailwind to Your Blog Growth?

Growing your blog is key but finding out the perfect scenario or combination can be the tricky part. How many hours have you spent researching and racking your brain, trying to unlock the “mystery” of the blogging world? More than likely, you may know bloggers or you’ve seen bloggers post about all the traffic that they are getting to their blog each and every day. Some of it is truly mind-blowing. Some blogs get hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every month, while some or actually even in the millions! Can you imagine? Don’t worry, every blog has the potential to be there as well, it just takes time, persistence and planning. When it comes to planning out the future of your blog, the use of Pinterest and Tailwind are super important for your blog’s overall growth.

How important is Pinterest and Tailwind to Your Blog Growth?
The simple answer to this question…Pinterest and Tailwind are extremely important to the growth of your blog. In saying that, keep in mind that your blog traffic needs to be diversified so that you aren’t fully depending on traffic from Pinterest, BUT it needs to be a top key player, for sure!

Pinterest can help drive thousands to your site each and every day
Did you know that there are millions upon millions of users from all over the world on Pinterest each and every day? Think about all the options that could result from that to your blog! Even if you were able to capture a small percentage of those people, that could be a massive amount of traffic to your blog.

Tailwind allows you to schedule and plan far in advance
The use of Tailwind is a beautiful, beautiful thing. As you well know, life happens. And sometimes, there may be days where you can’t log into Pinterest and pin or schedule out your daily pins as you want. In those situations, this is where Tailwind shines. Tailwind gives you the option to schedule out your pins to whatever boards you want for many days in advance. If you know that you’re going to be on a trip for the upcoming week, you can literally sit down the night before and schedule out your pins for the entire week. Then, Tailwind does all the work for you and pops those pins over to Pinterest during the times selected and to the boards that you designated. Planning ahead has never felt so good!
When you combine the use of Pinterest and Tailwind, traffic can increase. It’s not a guarantee, but consistently using both have shown an increase (and sometimes quite a dramatic one) to many, many bloggers.
The other great thing about using Tailwind is that there is the option to join “Tribes”. Basically, what that means is that you can upload your pins to a certain tribe and give those tribe members the option to schedule and pin it for all their followers as well. Not only does it give your pin more impressions and more chances to get traffic to your site, but it also is a great way to network and find some great pins for yourself to pin as well.
Pinterest and Tailwind are great tools that all bloggers should be actively using. If your end goal for your blog is to increase traffic, then using these two programs are an absolute must. Relying on SEO and social media outlets for referrals are great, but you constantly should be thinking about ways to diversify your audience. Adding Pinterest and Tailwind to your rotation is an awesome plan to help increase your overall blog traffic for the upcoming year!

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