Is Your Home Kid Friendly?

When your little ones come along. The way you look at the things in your home can really change. One you are a parent you no longer of worrying about the latest accessory, or chicest table to complete your decor. Instead, you are thinking about whether it is child-friendly or a safety risk. But there are loads of things you can do to ensure your home is safe and friendly for the little ones. Read on to find out what some of them are.

Electricity and gas

Both of these things can be potentially dangerous with young children in the house. But isn’t like we can do without them so, we have to find a way of dealing with them insisted. For electricity, it can help to have plug covers. These are plastic shields that fit into the electric sockets when they are not in use. This helps to stop your little ones exploring them, and putting themselves at risk.

Gas safety is probably a bit less of a worry, as most people use it for fires or cooking. If the kids are cooking, you are going to be supervising them to make sure that they are safe. Gas fires on the other hand, like real flames, can get pretty hot so it’s to cover them with fire guard so the kids can’t get too near.

Sharp corners

Something else that you can do to make your home a lot more child-friendly in to smooth out any sharp edges with bumpers. Things like desks, tables or kitchen counter tops can all end in a perfect 90-degree angle. Which is not too pleasant to knock you head on when you are first learning to walk or crawl.



Kids’ beds are funny things because, in the first few years, they need to either be replaced as they grow. Or be able to change with you child. In fact, you can get beds that convert from cots to training beds, then to proper beds, which is a nice way of saving some money in the long run.

But what about your bed? It’s a sad fact of life that no matter how hard you try the kids don’t always sleep in their own bed. If they are not in their own bed they, they are going to be in yours. If not for the whole night, then at least for the first few hours in the morning. That means you need to ensure that your bed is roomy enough to hold everyone comfortably. You can do this by upgrading to a super king bed, then there is room for everyone!



A perfect way of making your home kid-friendly is to dedicate a room just for them to play in. This works really well, as the kids identify it as their room, so they take some of the responsibility for cleaning it up. It also means that their toys don’t spread all over the house, which can make things less stressful for you as a parent.

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