Hey Hey R U Ready To Play!

All of our children LOVE being outdoors and playing, one of the reasons we chose this house was the half acre garden for the children. 
When we first moved in we had four children, now we have seven!!
For the past six years we have been steadily growing plants around all of the boundaries to make it nice and private and to disguise the high noise level that comes from seven little people!!

We have a wonderful garden split into lots of different areas, a herb garden, a vegetable patch, the chickens home, the children’s play shed, and a very green lawn, with lots of trees around it, unfortunately the trees are mainly Poplars so, no chance of putting a treehouse in them.

I would love to get some play equipment for the children to play on, they love playing football and badminton, although the slide that is laying down in the photo was left by the previous owners and has seen better days…so my next plan is to get some equipment to play on.

I love this Forest Villa and would certainly be a fantastic substitute for a treehouse, I am sure they would all have great fun in here!!

Next I would like something that is fun for them to play on, but at the same time giving them exercise, so this Wooden Swing Set with scramble net and Rock Wall would be just perfect

And finally we mustn’t forget the little ones, by next Spring Viggo will want to join in too, I think this set of growable Swing with quadpod would be the answer!

If we had all of these in the garden it would enable all of the children to be occupied at once, with so many of them it is sometimes difficult to find activities that would suit them all, but playing in the garden together is something they adore and it is so lovely watching them interact together and the chickens joining in too!

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

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