Helping Your Child Choose their A Levels

Choosing A-level subjects can be really tough for some students. The choices they make now can have a big influence on what they go on to study at university, or what career path they take.

To help your children make the right decisions Brampton College have put together the following advice for parents:

Explain to your child that it is important to choose the subjects that they enjoy the most and do well at. Take time to talk with your child about their favourite subjects, because enjoyment of a subject will lead to the best results.

Bear in mind that A-levels are a big jump from GCSEs, so the subjects that may seem easy to your child now, might not seem so easy at A-level. With this in mind, it is a good idea to do some research into the type of work that will be expected from each subject your child is considering.

It is important that your child feels like they are making an informed decision, so take them along to open evenings and ensure that they are asking the right questions to teachers. It may also help for your child to talk to older friends or relatives who have already been through this experience.

Choose A levels

If your child is interested in going to university or has a particular career interest, you could also do some research into qualification requirements. Certain university courses will look for specific A-levels, so it’s worth looking ahead before making any decisions.

As parents is it important to support and advise your children through the A-level process. Help them to collate as much information as possible to help their decision making. Most importantly try not to put any pressure on them and allow your child to make their own choices.

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