Have You Seen #thechokeables Advert and Campaign ?

I’m sure you have all seen the advert, but I think it is such an important message, that I am sharing it with you, just in case you haven’t seen #thechokeables ad.

St John Ambulance, believe that everyone should have the skills and confidence to know what to do in an emergency. Knowing basic first aid can be the difference between life and death – and every week they hear of new people whose lives have been saved because someone nearby knew what to do.

40% of parents asked by SJA have witnessed their own baby choke and when almost four-fifths don’t know what to do in this situation so they have made a short memorable video, The Chokeables – featuring the voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny and Sir John Hurt – that shows people how to help a choking baby.

In The Chokeables, the celebrities take on the characters of animated objects that could potentially choke babies: a small princess toy, a pen lid, a jelly baby and a peanut. They’ve joined together because they’ve had enough and want to show how easy it is to save a choking baby’s life.

You can find out more on the St Johns Ambulance website.

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