Have You Considered Volunteering ?

December 1, 2017Mandi Morrison

There are so many different types of volunteering available, and each and everyone has it’s only benefits, to both you and the ones you are helping.

Over the years I have undertaken many volunteering roles, not only does it look good on your CV when you are young and trying to get the job you would like, but as you get older it makes you feel good and gives something back to the community you are part of.

International Volunteer Day takes place this year on 5th December to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism, it is a celebration that takes place every year.

When I was still at school I used to volunteer for the local RDA, I adored being at the stables and after we had helped all of the riders that had attended we were all allowed out on a hack, which was my way of going horse riding without having to pay for the lessons, I also adored all of the children that attended and it was definitely something worthwhile to do on my weekends.

When the children started at preschool, it was run by a voluntary committee of parents that were responsible for the running of the place and the paying of the staff, as I had lots of experience in childcare and lots of my own children, I suddenly found myself as the chairperson! It also meant that I was responsible for getting all of the other parents registered for a DBS check,(although in those days it was called a CRB) it used to be a long winded process, thankfully companies like uCheck personnel checks are now available to make the job a lot less hassle!

I stayed as the Chairperson of the preschool for 5 years, during that time I also took on the role of Snowy Owl at the local Brownie group (I obviously just adore being around children).

After my children left preschool and Brownies, I moved into another volunteering role as a breastfeeding Peer Supporter, visiting new mums in hospital and in their own homes, helping them to feed their baby and giving advice, sometimes just listening too (and a little cuddle was always a bonus!) this is probably my favourite of all the volunteering roles, and this one actually lead to paid employment as a breastfeeding practitioner.

Volunteering is an extremely worthwhile way to spend your free time, my husband is chairman of the local rugby club and has been for the last 12 years, if a number of people didn’t step forward and take on these kind of volunteering roles, many of these sports clubs etc would not be able to run, so if you are looking for something to do then check out your local are for volunteering opportunities, our local paper has lots of places listed each week.

Maybe look at doing something new and worthwhile in 2018.

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