Have You Considered A Career In Acupuncture ?

When I first left school and really didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do for a career, I spent some time within the local hospital’s physiotherapy department, working with lots of the older generation trying to get them up and mobile again, another service that was offered in the unit which fascinated me was acupuncture, I remember sitting there amazed as all those tiny needles placed in just the right place to help alleviate all sorts of problems.

When my mum was ill a few years ago I remember going with her to have acupuncture and again marvelled at this wonderful art, obviously to be able to perform these miracles you need to gain a qualification, so if you are thinking of a career in acupuncture, check out Endeavour College, they have put together this funky infographic all about acupuncture as a career, I can see Eowyn choosing this type of career.


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