Happy Fathers Day, with some Inspiration!!

It’s all about him
Dads can be a bit grumpy sometimes, but deep down, they still know how to have a good time – it just requires a little more coaxing. You can ask dads how they’d like to spend the one day a year when their services as a paternal inspiration are to be recognised until your blue in the face, and all you’ll receive in reply is “I just don’t want any fuss”. Well guess what dad? That’s not good enough this year. This year, it’s all about you. Here’s some inspiration for planning the perfect Father’s Day for ‘him indoors’.
Rekindle their youthful dreams
Your dad was not always an argumentative raincoat-wearing curmudgeon. Believe it or not, he used to wear short trousers and sit on the carpet dreaming about his future as an astronaut, sportsman, rock star or thespian. If your dad spent his youth dreaming of becoming a doctor, then it’s tough luck, because there aren’t any ‘be a doctor for the day’ experience packages you can buy. What you can do however, if your father’s aspirations were less medical, is to take him on a trip where he can relive his youthful dreams. Sports events, the theatre, a science museum or a motor show; anywhere he can sit, lose himself for a moment and daydream.
Quality time with dad
There’s nothing to say you need to go out to enjoy father’s day. As dads succumb to age, like a creeping vine, joints become stiffer, knees and backs start to seize and the cold is felt like never before. One of the best things about reaching a certain level of maturity is the deep appreciation of a good chair. If you father prefers to be seated on this special day, then provide him with his preferred bottle of red, put his favourite programme on the television or the radio and relax together. If he was a keen gamer growing up, why not wind back the clock with some 80s retro gaming; Super Mario and Merlot – you know he’ll love you for it!
Show him how to barbecue
If you’ve grown up in a household when the only time dad ever cooks is barbecue season, then you’ll know just how bad a sausage can taste. The problem is – barbecuing is still cooking. Dad does not suddenly transform into Michel Roux just because the cooking is done outdoors. With standards so appallingly low, why not sit him down, good book in hand, while you show him how good a proper barbecue can be. As the internet generation, we can simply search for some mouth-watering barbecue recipes and away we go, blowing his char-grilled sausages clearly out of the water.    


This is very much dedicated to my dad, although his cooking is actually quite good, he does have a tendency to overcook on the barbecue!

Now in retirement he is certainly more likely to be found sitting in an armchair than something energetic! This year he actually has a Pot on his leg as he had an operation a few weeks back, so he will certainly be sitting and taking it easy!   


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