Happy 6th Birthday Kaide

Two hours after birth

This time six years ago I was an extremely large, six day overdue mummy, waiting for the arrival of our new baby boy.
He was due on 10th September, but he obviously decided he didn’t want to share his birthday with his Auntie Karen, so he stayed put.
On 16th September 2005 Xene and Lochlan’s Primary school had just added a new reception classroom, so we went along for the opening, which involved lots of photos for the local papers, cups of tea and cakes! We also planted daffodils in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care, you can imagine how delicate I looked sitting on the floor digging holes for the children to put in their bulbs-very attractive NOT…
As I had put the last bulb in the ground I felt the all too familiar twinges of early labour, at which point the headmistress quickly excused my children and we went home, telephoned my parents and when they arrived went to the hospital, only to be told after three hours of walking around the hospital grounds that it wasn’t established labour and to go home and see what happens.
We sent my parents home and carried on with the evening, went to bed, got up at 3.30am had a bath to ease the pain, crawled out of the bath and told Asa that the pain wasn’t easing…
Telephoned my mum and dad to come back and headed off to hospital.
The birthing ball and Gas and Air became my best friends in the whole wide world and at 8.41am with a total labour of 3 hours 43 minutes Kaide Ronald Peter Morrison entered the world still within his Amniotic Sac which was amazing to see, our second boy weighing 7lb 14oz – our heaviest baby.
I cannot believe that it all happened six years ago, it really does seem like yesterday, so a big,

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