Happy 30th Birthday Postman Pat!

It’s official – everyone’s favourite postie, Postman Pat, celebrates 30 years of delivery adventure today. As the longest running animated TV series on the BBC, Postman Pat has delighted audiences for three decades and will be celebrating his birthday in style this autumn!
News of a ‘special delivery’ from Pat! The limited edition ‘Happy Birthday Pat’ DVD will be available from 12th September from all retailers. The DVD includes eight special episodes with more than three hours of fun plus a free limited edition party CD with 15 tracks to sing along to   guaranteed to get all Pat’s fans in the party mood!
It features 8 great episodes.
1.      Postman Pat’s Great Big Party
2.      Postman Pat Takes The Bus
3.      Postman Pat & The Toy Soldiers
4.      Postman Pat & The Tuba
5.      Postman Pat & The Greendale Rocket
6.      Postman Pat & The Barometer
7.      Postman Pat Clowns Around
8.      Postman Pat’s Pirate Treasure
Can you believe that Postman Pat is 30! It only seems like yesterday that I was watching as a child, oh dear that must mean I am getting old too.
All of the children have at some time or another sat down and watched Postman Pat with me, over the years and Eowyn is no exception. She happily sat and watched the lovely Jess the cat and the jolly postman, she even commented that he didn’t look like our postman, which is probably a good thing!
When I put the DVD on, I could hear Xene and Lochlan singing away to the theme tune, so they obviously haven’t forgotten it…
Both Kaide and Neva came into the lounge and sat down for a few episodes.
The only down side is that when Eowyn hears the postvan, (yes our road is a long country one, so we have a van, which did make it easier for her to understand than a walking postman) she eagerly looks out of the window to try and see the black and white cat!!
A wonderful collection of stories that will keep children and adults entertained for a long while yet. Although I would recommend only a few epsiodes at a time otherwise you have that theme tune stuck in your head for weeks. The songs on the CD are also likely to get stuck up there too….
A good family DVD that will still be relevant in the many years to come.

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  • Laura

    February 23, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Awww happy birthday Postman Pat! I used to watch him when I was little too 🙂 It’s pretty good to get 8 episodes, it annoys me when you buy kids DVDs and you only get 3 short eps! Might have to put this on the potential-gifts-list!

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