What Happens When Something Goes Wrong ?

I have mentioned in a previous post about the events that unfolded when I was a teenager, I was innocently walking home from school, when for some unknown reason I decided to catch a bus, and proceeded to walk out into the road to get to the bus stop, without checking that there were no cars coming from the opposite direction, which resulted in a weeks hospital stay, various trips backwards and forwards over the next couple of years as pieces of glass that had been embedded into my skin began to make their way to the surface, not to mention that the root in my front tooth died, resulting in a very dark front tooth.

At the time, my parents were just glad to have me in one piece,and I was too young to think about such grown up things as hospitals and dentists making mistakes, I just put it down to a slight oversight on their part, I didn’t know there were such companies that actually challenged the medical professionals.

Leo Claims medical negligence is just one of the companies that will work with you on your claim, to ensure that every possible outcome is looked into.

If the accident had happened in the past few years, or to one of my own children, this type of claim company  is definitely something that I would consider.

The hospital that I have given birth in is one of the nicest I have ever been in, and the care that I have received has been amazing, but I know of friends and relatives that have not been so ucky, and some of their birth horror stories have made me realise just how lucky I have been.

Birth Injury Claims is another area of medical negligence that Leo Claims can work with you to ensure that any financial loss or trauma is compensated for.

I know that in our society today, we are classed as a blame culture, but when something as important as your baby’s birth doesn’t go correctly, this is certainly a situation that I would have to seek compensation.

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