What Has Happened To The Weather ?

With more than two weeks left of the school summer holidays, you would expect a couple more sunny beach days, I definitey remember spending the entire six weeks when I was little by the sea.

However this week I was back in jeans and a jumper, and even bed socks!!

It did give me an excuse to look through my winter wardrobe to see what would need replacing or what I was short of.

Now that Viggo is nearly one (where has the time gone) I am pretty much back into my pre pregnancy size, (with a couple of extra wobbly bits!) and as i’m pretty sure he will be our last, I can start to look for some winter clothes that are going to be used again and again…

First things I need to consider are a couple of jumper cardigan type heavy layers, especially if we are in for a cold winter, it gets pretty chilly on the East Coast!

aran sweater 1

I LOVE chunky jumpers, but I HATE ones that go too far up my neck, so I tend to stick with wide round necks or V Necks to ensure my neck is jumper free!

This winter I will have started my new job, which involves lots of Home Visiting, so I need a couple of Cardigans that I can wear that look smart, but also keep me warm!

aran sweater 2

Oh, and of course it’s got to have pockets, need somewhere to keep my tissues, when the inevitable winter sniffles start.

This year, i’m thinking I might invest in a couple of long skirts and team them with some Winter Boots, I always see a couple of the mums at school with this look and I love it, although I guess it will depend if I can get all seven children up and dressed early enough for me to spend at least five minutes on my own appearance!

What about you, have you thought about your wardrobe for the winter season, or is it too far away ?

Only 127 days till Christmas Eve…

But wait, I think I can actually see some blue sky on the horizon, who knows maybe we will be in for an Indian Summer and my winter woollies will have to wait until much nearer to Christmas

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