Guide To Looking Stylish Without Compromising Comfort

Being a busy mum often forces fashion sense down the drain as toddlers can be extremely time-consuming. However, raising children is not exactly a suitable time to be dressing to impress as comfort is logically the main concern. If you’re a busy mum searching for ways to look stylish without compromising your comfort, this guide is for you!

Customise Ordinary Choices

Almost everyone has a favourite hoodie and if yours is nearing the end of its days and looking tatty, it is probably time to search for a new one. Rather than heading to the stores and searching for the perfect hoodie for hours, you could opt for a customized hoodie. This idea will keep you looking stylish without compromising your comfort in the slightest. Customising ordinary clothing items such as t-shirts and hoodies is a great way to reclaim your original style.

Opt To A Neutral Colour Palette

The desire to look stylish may tempt you to opt for clothing choices in bold and bright colours, although, this will make dressing every morning a tedious task as matching outfits can be tricky. It would be a far wiser choice to keep your wardrobe as neutral as possible as this will make getting dressed a simple task. If most of your clothing items match, you will no longer have to dread pairing clothing choices. However, for evenings out, it would be a great idea to have a few items in a signature colour that will liven up your neutral wardrobe.

Flowing Fabrics

You may think looking stylish would require tons of buttons and shiny embellishments, and clothing choices that are detailed are often not the most comfortable choices. Opting for flowing fabrics such as trapeze dresses and drawstring pants will help you maintain an appealing style while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Flowing fabrics are extremely trendy and easy to pull off regardless of body shape, which is great for mums of busy toddlers who find themselves swaying from overbearingly tight outfits that can be restricting.

Shoes That Make Any Outfit Trendy

Your choice of shoe will have the ability to make or break your choice of outfit, which is why you should select your shoes with care. Rather than assuming uncomfortable high heels are the only option to appear stylish, there are countless flat shoe choices that will make a statement without compromising your comfort. Opt for flat shoes that boast stylish details such as buckles and studs and avoid wearing sneakers with every outfit simply because they offer the most support. It would be wise to reserve your favourite sneakers for days you are wearing sweat pants or heading to the gym.

Keep Things Simple

Busy mums don’t have time to spend hours accessorising their outfits, which is why you should rather keep things simple and minimize your accessories. Opting for plain delicate accessories such as silver chain bracelets and neutral tone handbags is the best way to stay trendy without having to part with your limited energy. 

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