#GreenCanClean Ecover Washing Up Liquid is Simply Fab!

With nine people in our household, a dishwasher is a necessity, but sometimes it can be on two or three times per day, particularly in the school holidays, when each child seems to use every cup and plate available!

So I have been teaching the children to wash their tea cups as they go along, with a little thing called washing up…

As a Talk to Mums Mumbassador, the latest product we have been telling the entire country about is Ecover Washing up Liquid, which was completely convenient for my task in hand!

Some of the children have quite sensitive skin, so this has always been their excuse to avoid the washing up, but that excuse isn’t happening anymore, because the Ecover is completely kind to their hands ( I know because hundreds of people have told me so!)

DSC_0503 (2)

And the amazing part is that it is environmentally friendly, which means less chemicals, and I mus admit sometimes i’m a little sceptical that less chemicals means less performance, but I have been well and truly proved wrong with this product.

It has been brilliant for washing up, not only that, I was stripping wallpaper in the boys bedroom and the sticky residue from the paste feels disgusting, I gave the wall a wipe over with a bowl of Ecover and warm water, and Volia, no more stick walls.

Ecover has also saved the day in the garden, when Viggo accidentally poured out the contents of the bubble sword onto the patio instead of blowing the bubbbles, I poured some Ecover into the sword, with a small amount of water and it produced AMAZING bubbles, that floated off into the sky…

So if you are in the supermarket and you notice Ecover Washing up liquid, grab a bottle and see what you think.

I am a Talk to Mums Mumbassador and I am helping to spread the #GreenCanClean Message, this post is part of that role.

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