Graco Evo Mini Review

The lovely Carly over at Mummy And The Chunks has been testing out the new Graco Evo Mini, here is what she thought of it

Graco Evo Mini: These are a few of our favourite things

1. Lightweight
My favourite thing about the Evo Mini is how light it is to steer! Even with a chunky two year old in the seat it pushes like a dream. I love being able to push it up curbs and onto buses and trains with a minimal amount of effort. It is great to be able to push your pushchair around with one hand while holding onto your boisterous toddler with the other.

2. Practicality
I’ve had many pushchairs since having my two kids and the majority of them have been big and bulky and well.. unpractical. It’s not great when you have to remove the parcel shelf, remove wheels or seat units just to fit it in your car. Then you can’t fit any shopping or anything else in your boot resulting in bags on everyones laps just to get your food shopping home. Thankfully, the Evo Mini folds up really small, I can fit it in the boot of my not so big car and stick all my shopping by the side of it. It will be very useful for daytrips and holidays when you have to pack everything into an already cramped car.

My kids being comfortable is very important to me. The Evo Mini has a lovely cushioned seat making it ultra comfortable for long rides in the pushchair. Gracie is a tall two year old and I usually have trouble getting a pushchair big enough for her that isn’t massively too big for Zach making him slide around the seat unit. The padded seat means that Gracie is sat comfortably, with lots of room spare, but Zach is also snug when it’s his turn without leaning to one side like in many others I’ve tried.

As you can probably tell I am very impressed with the Graco Evo Mini and think it is perfect for almost anyone. I have been reviewing this pushchair for almost a month now and we have had lots of fun testing it out. I’m a big pushchair fan and its very rare that I find myself so happy with a stroller, but the quality of the Evo Mini is fantastic. We have tested it out in lots of different situations and you can read about all of our adventures on my blog Mummy and The Chunks

I would like to say a massive thanks to Mandi for letting me share this post with you all. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Carly Markham

Sounds like a great lightweight pushchair, too bad I am going to need a double again, sounds perfect for Tyrus, maybe I could get one for when we go out alone!!

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